Spring Makeover for Bug Hotel

Posted by sbr9 at May 28, 2015 02:13 PM |
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Spring Makeover for Bug Hotel

Wild Honeysuckle

The Environmental Action Society Bug Hotel gets a spring makeover from Hungry For Change, Saffron Acres and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

It’s been seven months since the Brookfield Bug Hotel was built by the Environmental Action Society and it’s withstood rain, wind and snow in that time. Having done so well, we thought it deserved a spring makeover.

On the 20th May, Matthew Herbert from the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust came down to Brookfield to help plant wildflowers in and around the Hotel. Funded and accompanied by Hungry For Change, the community group Saffron Acres were on hand to dig, pot and water so the plants had the best chance of flourishing. The Cow Parsley and Nettles have taken over the area around it meaning that although the hotel is not as visible from a distance, it provides dense undergrowth to give the bugs an easy access route inside. Flowers planted include Columbine; Red Campion, Wild Daffodil, English Bluebell, Lesser Celendine and lastly Wild Honeysuckle, which it is hoped will grow up and around the willow shell of the hotel to attract more pollinators.

When this was finished everyone headed back-up to the food-growing plot to sow some wildflower seeds by the greenhouse and there was plenty of stomping and watering to compact the seeds in the earth. While it doesn’t look much different at the moment, we'll just have to give Mother Nature some time to let it grow!

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