Speedy start for SEED projects

Posted by zat1 at Dec 11, 2015 10:40 AM |
With funding allocated, our 5 new SEED projects are underway!
Speedy start for SEED projects

Caroline with her Mooncup SEED Project

Mooncup madness has come to campus with 15 Mooncups already under trial by the likes of SAAB officers to Sports captains!

Five exciting projects have been accepted by the SSWG this term which includes up to £500 funding. These projects stretch from environmental areas such as biodiversity to organic growing to sustainable packaging and food choices.

Our SEED students include;

  • a Third Year Zoology student undertaking a bird population enhancement study at our beautiful site Blackthorn Manor in Oadby, through placing bird boxes, feeders, fruit trees and hold bird ringing to educate and research the bird population.
  • a Second Year Law student planning an organic jam production project with the help and support of Hungry for Change, with hopes to sell the products in the Students Union.
  • a Third Year History student undertaking a food carbon footprint promotion in the Students Union, and engaging and labeling different dietary requirements.
  • a Third Year Geography student carrying out a sustainable sanitary waste campaign including Mooncups and holding workshops to teach how to make reusable products.
  • and a Third Year Business Management student carrying out their dissertation on a study of paper cup usage and the 20p reusable cup promotion in the Library Cafe, from January 11th - February 21st.

Funding has been allocated and all projects will be in full swing after the Christmas Break, with this being the first year of the SEED fund launch we are very excited to see how these projects will turn out.

If you would like to get involved in any of these projects, or you have a sustainable idea yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Communication and Events Intern Zoe : zat1@le.ac.uk.

Keep your eyes peeled for social media and promotion around campus!