Online Sustainability Course - open now!

Posted by sll33 at Feb 09, 2015 10:55 AM |
This week sees the launch of the University's first on-line course on Sustainability

Sustainable Futures Online

is a short course which introduces Sustainable Development through five units:

  • a brief history of sustainable development and its importance
  • limits on the earth's resources
  • energy and climate change
  • the security of food supply
  • the collapse of past societies and what this might teach us

On the way we look at topics such as planetary boundaries, that is, the extent to which we can safely exploit the environment, at the various impacts of climate change and attempts to mitigate and adapt to them; we survey the interrelated global problems that arise from an increasing population and continuing economic growth, and discuss sustainable agriculture, geo-engineering and much more.

The course is open to all students and staff at Leicester.

Completion of the course will be recorded on a student's Higher Education Achievement Record.

Course information and registration details