Go Green Week Schedule for 2015

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University of Leicester schedule of events for Go Green Week 2015

Next week starting from the 9th February is Go Green Week, an annual event held by schools, colleges and universities nationwide that focuses on global environmental issues. Working with the Environment Team, students studying the Leicester Award have come-up with a variety of events and activities for everyone to get involved in!

So what on earth is going on? Here’s our schedule!

Meat-Free Monday 9th
Travel Tuesday 10th
Waste-Not Wednesday 11th
Switch-Off Thursday 12th
Impact Friday 13th

Meat-Free Monday 9th

  • We’re getting Go Green Week off to a tasty start with Meat-Free Monday as we set up a Food stall in Percy Gee to hand out some delicious vegetarian recipes. Reducing our dependency on meat means less greenhouse gases coming from livestock production and a healthier planet!
  • There will be prizes to give away; including a food hamper that matches one of our recipes so you can have a go at making them yourself!
  • Our plastic-bag bunting will be a great reminder to do your shopping with reusable bags and help prevent this plastic entering our seas and landfill sites!

Travel Tuesday 10th

  • Walking and cycling are great for the planet and for your health, but we want to reward you further for travelling sustainably with our Travel Stamp Trail! Collect 2 stamps from our cheery checkpoint volunteers on your way home and receive free vouchers to spend in our food shops!
  • Our Security team 'Dr Bike' are going to be in front of the Attenborough Tower ready to fix any bikes that need a bit of attention. You’ll also get the chance to buy a bicycle D-Lock for a BIG discounted rate in Queen's Foyer!
  • Don’t know about our Underground Bike Park yet? We’ll be tagging bikes around campus to say ‘Thank You’ for travelling sustainably with information about how you can store your bike safe and dry. See our stall in Queen’s Foyer to find out more!

Waste-Not Wednesday 11th

  • What is waste really? It’s what you make of it and we really have made something from it! Come play our giant recycled games in the ARC in the Percy Gee Building and change how you think about waste! Noughts and Crosses, Ten-pin Bowling, there’s lots to do and plenty to learn.
  • Food-growing project Hungry For Change will be alongside us in the ARC showing-off their wormery, talking about composting and how you can get involved!
  • Our University waste contractors Wastecycle will be on site to talk to you about what happens to all the rubbish from the University. Enter their competition to win prizes by checking out the skip on campus to put waste into perspective!

Switch-Off Thursday 12th

  • Switch it off for savings! Every day this week, the Percy Gee Building will be plummeted into darkness to conserve energy and reduce the Union’s environmental impact. We’ve saved as much as 12% in the past so let’s see if we can beat that – 6.00-7.00pm!
  • Don’t forget to check out the Energy stall that day and see how you can save money and energy at home.
  • Designed to minimise our environmental impact, the new Centre for Medicine is a fantastic example of sustainable development! Find out how the University of Leicester is ahead of the game and working to reduce its carbon footprint at the stall in Percy Gee Building.

Impact Friday 13th

  • The Environmental Action Society is new, but ready and willing to show you how you can get involved in the Percy Gee Building! Find out what your carbon footprint is and how you can help us reach our aim of ‘Cutting 60% of C02 by 2020’! Volunteering opportunities that are great fun and fantastic for your CV.
  • Young Greens will also be in Percy Gee to show you how you can campaign to make a difference.
  • Come talk to Severn Trent Water 10.00am – 1.00pm on the ways you can save water at home!

Look out for news about our Go Green Week Movie Night happening this week!
Come make a pledge on our Sustainabili-tree! Write on your leaf how you will change something about your routine and enter to win prizes!


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