Building Bridges

Posted by sbr9 at Jul 16, 2015 01:55 PM |
Partnerships with internal and external groups makes us work better and the Environment Team is a big fan of building bridges

The importance of partnerships

No man is an island, neither is an organisation! We're not sure where we would be without the relationships made with both individuals and groups inside and outside the University, but we'd certainly be a lot less close to reaching our sustainability goals.

The best way that the Environment Team can implement change towards more sustainable behaviour internally, is to talk to the students who study and the staff who work here. Being at university is about having a rewarding experience and we're always having meetings with those partners to discuss how it can be enhanced.

We're fortunate to have a lot of experts within our organisation on just about every subject imaginable so we tap into that expertise whenever possible. Most people within each department have an opinion on sustainability and would like to do more, so it's up to us to make sure they know how to find the right information. Communicating online, via email, holding events and working together on projects are just a few of the ways we stay in touch and by doing this, we have a much better chance of making change at ground level.

Who we work with outside the University also has an impact and whether it's food procurement, waste management or how we our staff get to their office each day, we need to make smart choices with other companies who share our ethics. We actively make decisions to work with local organisations so that we can be proud to say we contribute to the community and the bridges built are a great way to benefit both parties.

We'll be buzzing more about the importance of partnership in the next couple of weeks and drop a few names of who we have worked with this year. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join in the conversation!

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