April Fool! Did 'yew' get it?

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Environment Team gets a little creative for April Fools' Day news story

Tree-mendous good pun

For April Fools' Day this year, the Environment Team had a good laugh creating a news story that was topical, interesting and even believable if you didn't have your wits about you!

The Woodland Wifi article was written to suggest that the University had succeeded in using trees as a method of transmitting wifi to expand our internet network - but apart from the dubious technological explanations, there were some clues that this wasn't true. Here are just some of the jokes you may or may not have spotted:

  • Professor Joe Kerr is a fictional academic based on the word 'Joker'
  • Consultants Knott & Sirius are fictional because we are 'Not serious'
  • 'Just an Oak' was a play on words to say it is 'just a joke'
  • Researcher Lai Ying is fictional and based on the word 'Lying'
  • You may have spotted our jokes about a certain famous computer company. which goes by the name of a fruit, and references its unique software and expensive products.

We had a good chuckle creating this and we hope you enjoyed reading it, but we wanted to end with a small serious note attached to the end. This is represented by our fictional student commenting on how glad they are that trees are now more important than they were before.The satire here is that trees are incredibly important for producing the oxygen we breathe, but somehow it is easy to forget this in a world of expanding technology and increasing population.

Tree planting season runs from around November to March so why not get involved in your local volunteering scheme, or even have a go and plant a tree in your back garden?

A big thank you to Gardens Manager, Jamie Whitehouse for allowing us to put words in his mouth.

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