A Swift Recovery

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Estates department installs 10 specialist bird boxes as part of conservation project to create habitat for swifts.

In a joint effort from the Environment and the Development Team within Estates, 10 specialist bird boxes have been installed on the Astley Clarke Building to combat the loss of suitable nesting sites for this amber-listed species. They were fitted during work being completed to replace old windows and overlook the Fielding Johnson lawn on the top tier of the building. Swifts typically nest in cracks and eaves of buildings but more modern designs eliminate these gaps – great for energy efficiency but not so great for these birds. Extensive research and numerous experts (Swift Conservation) have been consulted to give the project the best chance of success, but we will wait to see in spring if it appeals to Swifts. By adding these boxes, the University demonstrates a real awareness of its impact on the surrounding environment and shows a real commitment to biodiversity and conservation.

Read the full story, (complete with pictures) and find information for contacting the project coordinators on how to get involved and stay informed.

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