We are continuing to reduce our emissions and have already reduced emissions despite growing in size.

The University of Leicester has achieved the Triple Gold Standards for reducing our waste, water consumption and carbon emissions.

The University is audited by the Carbon Saver accreditation body every other year. In 2018, our university celebrated the Decade of Achievement Award for our dedication to reducing our carbon emissions over the last ten years.

This is a clear indication of the hard work and effort taken to accomplish this across the University of Leicester and we will continue to make strides in making our campus sustainable.

The University Of Leicester has achieved the following certificates for 2018:

  • Carbon Saver Certificate (11 years)
  • Decade of Achievement Award
  • Triple Crown Sustainability


The University has achieved the Water Saver Certificate for the past 5 years for reducing our water consumption.

Free drinking water is provided to all students, staff and visitors at all food outlets. Water fountains can also be found in buildings using the interactive map.

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