The Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at reducing the adverse environmental impacts of transport to and from the University. It will reduce over-dependence on single occupancy car travel by encouraging greater use of car sharing, public transport, walking and cycling.

Why we need one: It is a requirement of local government for the University to have a Travel Plan in place and without it we will not be able to fulfil the ambitions contained within the Development Framework Plan. It is also essential to ensure that the University can continue to expand and that its staff and students can carry out their work conveniently and effectively.

Travel FAQs


Travel Plan

Travel Plan addendum

Travel Plan annual report

How does the Travel Plan affect me?

We are working towards a strict carbon reduction target and external legislation that requires us to reduce the number of cars travelling to the University. You will therefore see a decrease in the numbers of cars able to park at our sites and an increase in the services, facilities, discounts and other initiatives that will make it easier for you to choose sustainable travel options.

Car parking permits are issued according to need (criteria-based) and charged for according to the emissions of the vehicle you drive and the amount you earn. However, a number of other initiatives such as car sharing, pay and display car parks and flexi permits are available to maximise the choice and convenience available to staff and visitors.

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