University Bike Park

Whilst the Podium in front of the Library in the heart of Campus was being updated, the University took the opportunity to make great use of the space by developing a ground-breaking underground park for over 300 bikes which was launched on May 8 2012. The park will keep bikes protected from the elements all day on the unique two-tier racks whilst their owners work and study.

University Bike Park Application



  • All staff and students are eligible to register to use the Park. Registrations will not be restricted; usage is on a ‘permit to hunt’ basis.
  • Park users have to register for access using this form.
  • Park Terms of Use.


Bike Racks

The park contains the Josta two-tiered racks to maximise storage space:

Racks being used

Instructions for use

If you have any questions about the Bike Park please contact or call extension 2306.

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