Blackthorn Manor

Blackthorn Manor site owned by the University and used for volunteering opportunities to enhance the area for wildlife

Blackthorn Manor is a designated local wildlife site and is an area of former agricultural land located in the Borough of Oadby and Wigston. It has four fields of grassland with a small section of woodland surrounding a pond and several hedges. Like most green spaces in the city, it has an urban setting and is bordered by housing estates and university buildings. The University considers this area to have a high degree of importance and value - not only because it represents an reservoir of local species, but it is a fantastic location for student volunteering and dissertation research.

Blackthorn Manor Collage

Main objective: To instigate a regime of positive management which will maintain and enhance these important habitat features in the long term

Management Aims

  • To maintain and where possible enhance the conservation value of the site, in particular;
  • Establish a favourable mowing regime in the grassland Manage vegetation in and around the pond
  • Establish favourable hedgerow management

To monitor important features on the site, in particular

  • Floristic composition of grassland
  • Ecological quality and amphibian populations in pond
  • Maintain a general species record for the site

To maintain good relations with neighbours


Orange - Semi improved neutral grassland area 1-3

Blue - Pond (standing water)

Solid Green - Broadleaved woodland

Hatched Green - Scrub/ruderal vegetation

Yellow - Amenity grassland (playing field)

H1 & H2 - Hedges


The site is widely used by neighbours and other members of the public despite not formally having public access. Whilst enjoyment of Blackthorn Manor is encouraged and most are aware that it represents a haven for wildlife, flytipping has caused the need for waste collection.

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