Biodiversity Projects

See what we're working on and make constructive suggestions for how we can improve our natural surroundings

Our Aim...

As a University, we leave behind a big footprint so we have to be careful where we step. Urban environments can a variety of different species that thrive on the warmth and light we produce, but it can be very difficult to keep a good balance. 40% of our land is green space, which is why we not only aim to 'do no harm' but also instigate projects and strategies that make a positive contribution.

Wider information about the University's Biodiversity commitment and policies.


Here are some of the steps we take:

  1. Conversations with the Council and University staff members in the Biodiversity Working Group
  2. Encouraging and supporting student projects and dissertations
  3. Conservation days, volunteering and charity fundraising events
  4. Biodiversity Action Plan and related policies

Recent initiatives

  • Tree planting (including with school and students and even academics to offset the carbon footprint of their research).
  • Increased bird boxes – enhancing the bird populations at Blackthorn Manor, with five semi-mature fruit trees (Cherry and Rowan), eleven bird boxes and several bird feeders. We also have swift boxes and a peregrine nest on several buildings on the main campus
  • Green wall and brown roofs on our new medical building, the George Davies Centre
  • Forest Garden at the back of our main FJB lawn
  • Tapestry lawns across campus
  • “Edible” campus with herb planters and fruit trees for you to help yourself

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