Biodiversity is short for ‘biological diversity’ and means the variety of life on earth. This includes all species on our planet, their habitats and the interactions that occur between them.

sdg15Leicester for Life is a promise made by the University to uphold our motto “So that they may have life.” It is a commitment to create and enhance space for diversity of life – human and non-human alike. We are renowned for our internationalism and multi-cultural communities so we are using these strengths to demonstrate the variety of spaces and habitats we can create for social and environmental good.

Our sites

The University owns and manages over 300 acres of land. This includes:

There are over 10,000 trees and a number of protected or rare species to be found on University grounds.

As an urban parkland, we struggle for space and much of the green space around our main campus is not our own. Our property is spread throughout the city and no site is ever the same – so how can we make this a positive experience? Many students are only here for autumn, winter and spring so we are working to make the coldest times of year beautiful and an enjoyable time to be outside.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Our aims are:


To implement specialist protective measures for vulnerable and important species with reference to the City of Leicester’s Biodiversity Action Plan;


To establish wider links with organisations and groups to sustain and enhance biodiversity in the University and within the community;


To integrate the principles of biodiversity conservation into estate planning and management (Leicester for Life) with the intent to enhance existing habitats and create new spaces where possible;


To adhere to all laws, policies protecting wildlife and natural spaces; to strive to meet guidance set down by UK government and local governing bodies and be Biodiversity Net Positive;


To raise awareness of biodiversity on University of Leicester owned land and act on the need to maintain and enhance it for future generations;


To use the ‘living lab’ philosophy and utilise Biodiversity as a valuable teaching resource resulting in real world impacts;


To enhance the natural environment within our urban campuses using responsible planning and the creation of volunteering opportunities’


Blackthorn Manor

Blackthorn Manor


Main Campus

Main Campus

Attenborough Arboretum

Attenborough Arboretum


Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens


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