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Submitted project ideas by staff or students, which have been selected for or are undergoing investigation for funding

Last updated in January

Welcome to our page for live projects where we keep you updated on the status of projects, schemes and plans that you've recommended to us to help save energy. As much as we would like to say yes to every request, we only have a limited amount of funding available per year and have to assess the cost versus the benefits. Not an easy decision to make, but we've listed all potential submissions below so that you c

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Red: Submission received and under preliminary investigation

Amber: Decision-making process based on return on investment

Green: Project approved and funding in place




ProjectDep / BuildStatusComments
Plant Growth Cabinet LED Lighting Adrian Building Green

Replacement of fluorescent lighting in plant growth cabinets with LED lighting. This project was recognised to be more cost and energy efficient and will provide a more stable research environment for the cabinet users. ROI 6 years (2023)

Careers Office LED Lighting David Wilson Library Green Replacement of fluorescent lighting in Careers Office. This project was approved to create a more comfortable environment for staff and was campaigned for by student groups. It will reduce energy usage and we will see a ROI of 5 years (2021)
Microscope LED Lighting Biotechnology Services Red Replacement of microscope mercury bulbs with LED systems. 5/6 microscope systems using mercury bulbs could be replaced with other college-wide opportunities.
Room Insulation for Machinery Molecular and Cell Biology Red Project to improve the insulation in the Henry Wellcome building roof of the room where a new piece of scientific equipment (cryo-Eelectron microscope) will be installed. Funding this insulation project would result in a more stable temperature for the equipment and result in less work being done by the climate control systems, thus saving energy.
Microscope LED Lighting Neuroscience Psychology and Behaviour (NPB) Red Replacement of departmental confocal microscope with LED lighting as this would offer the greatest opportunity for savings.
Water Pumps and Chillers Chemistry Red

Water saving project requested due to high consumption of water needed to create a vacuum. Estimated 1500m3 of water is used per year and 1 Diaphragm pump can substitute 3 water pumps. ROI 3 years

Installation of chillers for rotary evaporators with water condenser. Currently water condenser are connected to taps with water running constantly for a minimum of six hours/day. 1 chillers will replace 4 taps with ROI just under 2 years.

Energy Efficient Cabinets Central Technical Services Red Request for new range of energy efficient Glassware drying/Plastics drying cabinets to replace ageing LEEC cabinets. They are on in CTS areas and many other lab based areas have 3 KW heaters on simmerstats. The cabinets are basically tall tin boxes with glass doors and cut in and out all day. There is no insulation so heat loss is high.

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