Energy Performance Certificate

EPCIt is compulsary for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) to accompany commercial buildings when they are sold, rented or built.

EPC's record the energy efficiency of a building and provide an A to G energy rating, A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. Similar to the A-G label ratings for domestic appliances. EPC's are compiled by accredited energy assessors.

The certifications are created using standard assumptions about energy usage so that energy efficiency can be easily compared between similar buildings. This allows interested parties to view information relating to energy efficiency and carbon emissions so that, for example, fuel costs can be considered as part of investments.

EPC's are accompanied by recommendation reports which provide suggestions to increase energy efficiency and improve the energy rating for the building.

Nearly 40% of of carbon emissions are caused by heating, lighting and building use, which means that EPC's are really important, as even small changes in energy performance can have significant impacts on energy consumption.


The University complies with Energy Performance Certificates for all new buildings and major refurbishments and sale of properties and leases.

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