Carbon & Energy

The University of Leicester is committed to reducing its energy use and carbon emissions.

Leicester has been awarded the triple gold Carbon Saver standard in carbon, waste and water reductions. Read more...

Energy Legislation

The legal stuff

Get involved by:

Create a low carbon workplace

Have a look at our Low Carbon Workplaces pages for useful hints and tips about how you reduce your energy use at work.

Create a low carbon home

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and you’ll save on your bills, save carbon, and enjoy a warmer home. Making our housing stock more energy efficient is critical to meeting the UK’s carbon emissions targets.

If you're doing some DIY or getting improvements made to your home, why not think about making energy efficiency improvements at the same time? It works out cheaper to do everything at once – and you'll save money on your energy bills too. Go to Energy Saving Trust for more information.

For more ideas check out our 10 tips for saving energy in your home.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Work out your own personal carbon emission contributions using WWF's Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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