Carbon and Energy Projects

The Carbon and Energy team are involved in a number of projects aimed at cutting energy use and reducing carbon emissions at the University.

Solar panels on the George Davies Centre












We divide our projects into the following categories:

Scopes 1 & 2

Direct gas and electricity use


Example projects


This is the carbon it takes to run our buildings so is related to their efficiency Lecture theatre lighting upgrade
Boiler upgrade (The Knoll)
University Wide - Insulation (Phase 3)
Astley Clarke boiler decentralisation
Voltage optimisation
Building Management System (BMS)


This is the extra carbon we produce with the stuff we plug in (e.g. computers, printers and other equipment) University Wide Desktop Power Saving
Sava plugs
Renewables / Clean energy Where we source our energy from, e/g/ Photovoltaic, Solarthermal etc. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Scheme
Sports Hall Car Park lighting upgrade
Careers office lighting upgrade in David Wilson Library
Plant Growth Cabinets lighting upgrade
Fleet The way we fuel the University-owned vehicles Electric vehicles and charging points

Scope 3

Indirect energy use


Example projects


Commuting and business travel Travel Plan


Reuse and recycling Recycling education programme
The water we use Sainsburys project
Water monitoring
Sustainable Procurement Where we buy our stuff from, e.g. ethical/local/lower carbon suppliers Electronics Watch
Procurement carbon footprint modelling

Minimising carbon impact


Example projects

Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of CO2
George Davies Centre green wall and roof
Tree planting

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