Biodiversity Projects

See what we're working on and make constructive suggestions for how we can improve our natural surroundings

Our Aim...

As a University, we leave behind a big footprint so we have to be careful where we step. Urban environments can a variety of different species that thrive on the warmth and light we produce, but it can be very difficult to keep a good balance. 40% of our land is green space, which is why we not only aim to 'do no harm' but also instigate projects and strategies that make a positive contribution.

Here are some of the steps we take:

  1. Conversations with the Council and university staff members in Biodiversity Working Group
  2. Discussions with both the Development and Gardens Team to plant for pollinators and include green infrastructure e.g. green roofs
  3. Creation of SEED Fund to support student projects and dissertations
  4. Conservation days, volunteering and charity fundraising
  5. Writing of Biodiversity Action Plans, policies and strategies

Goals from 2016-2020

  • Inclusion of building integrated biodiversity included in the brief for all relevant building projects as part of campus-wide policy
  • Location of ecological features and habitats is considered in the development of the campus masterplan and standard for construction projects
  • Existence of Biodiversity Action Plan, which can be progressed and includes surveys, species identification and target areas for improvement
  • Inclusion of habitats; integrated biodiversity is included in the brief for all relevant building projects

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