Carbon Management Programme

The University of Leicester took part in the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme via the Carbon Trust during 2006/07. The University was one amongst 15 universities awarded for its efforts in the field of carbon management, emissions reduction and the mitigation of climate change during 2007. The Programme was sponsored by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Ian Postlethwaite, Chair of the Environmental Management Working Group (EMWG) and was led by Chrispal Anand. The programme was successfully concluded with hard work from all of the core team (including the Estates Office, Residential & Catering Services, Environmental Co-ordinators and the EMWG. The University decided to incorporate its own branding to the programme by renaming the programme from HECM to the University of Leicester Environment Action Programme (ULeap).

The outcomes of the ULeap programme were establishing the University’s baseline carbon emissions, setting targets and developing a Strategy and Implementation Plan (SIP) by identifying potential projects which could reduce the carbon impacts of the University.

The University’s carbon emissions baseline was established based upon 2004/05 data. The total carbon identified was 31,167 tonnes. The activities considered to calculate these emissions were energy (electricity & gas) and water consumed in residential and teaching buildings, transport and waste generated. The pie chart below shows the CO2 emissions for the University

Having established and understood the carbon baseline, the University has committed to reduce it's carbon impacts and utility costs by setting targets such as:

  • 20% reduction in utility cost and CO2 emissions on the base year (2004/05) by 2011/12; and
  • improve energy efficiency in buildings, by reducing utility use, especially electricity, by £160,900 in 2006/07.

To meet these targets, 27 projects such as awareness-rising, energy saving measures, automated metering, Combined Heat and Power, improving heating systems etc. were generated. The projects are being put into action by the Environment Team over the next 5 years and more will be added once the SIP is renewed in 2011/12.

Carbon Emissions Pie Chart

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