Sustainable Development Programme

This exciting extra-curricular opportunity, based right here at the University, will equip you with both theoretical and practical sustainability skills to take with you into any career path.

What does the programme include?

  • Two online workshops in which you will cover various topics of environmental issues, the interplay of economics, society and environment and training on behavioural change.
  • A planning workshop; where you will work in small groups to plan and hold a day of action on campus as part of Go Green Week.
  • You will also complete 10 hours of volunteering by mid-April with the Plan-it Change Society and/or Hungry for Change allotment. You can start as soon as term starts.

Tree Planting close-upWhat will I gain?

  1. By completing this programme you will get HEAR accredited recognition alongside your degree transcript, proving to employers you have gone above and beyond the average graduate.
  2. Sustainability theory and implementation knowledge. Sustainability skills are increasingly valued by employers, as these graduates are more able to find forward-thinking solutions that can withstand increasingly frequent and severe climate, economic and resource problems.
  3. Transferable skills, from teamwork to communication, organisation and project management, that can applied in any career path.
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When does the programme run?

The online workshop is to be completed in your own time

You must be free on the following date:

  • Tuesday 7th November (4:00pm- 7:00pm)
  • You will then arrange with your team to meet up and plan your project for Go Green Week in February.
  • Throughout the programme, you will also need to attend regular volunteering days with PIC or H4C societies (see above), to build up your 10 hours volunteering before mid-April.

How to apply?

Applications are open until 4th November. Please use the online form.

You can do the Leicester Award with the Sustainable Development Programme, you need to apply to both if you wish to do so.


What is Go Green Week?

Go Green Week is a week of Green Action that takes place on campus during mid February. People and Planet run this national week of action to raise awareness on university campus's about sustainability issues that affect them. You can hold your day of action during Go Green Week OR any day in term time between December - March. We've had some great action days in the past, from a Zumbathon to Biodiversity Bingo. It's great fun and is well worth all the hard work put in!

Find out more about Go Green Week here.

People and Planet

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