Student Sustainability Project Group

What is the SSPG?


Welcome to the page for the Student Sustainability Project Group, or SSPG for short. This was created to act as the student voice on sustainability and comprised of representatives from all kinds of societies including Oxfam, Lacrosse, Vegan and Vegetarian, Netball, Nightline, Mixed Hockey, Plan-it Change and Geography Society.

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Chaired by the Union Activities Officer and minuted by the University Social Impact Team rep, the group is designed so that attendees can experience a typical 'work-style' meeting that would be expected in any job environment.

Why does it exist?

  • There have never been so many environmentally-related societies at the University as there are now and it shows that students care about the impact they have on the planet.
  • To act as a representative student voice for issues on sustainability within the University.
  • To suggest and develop projects to ensure better practice within the University.

What's been achieved so far?

  • 9 successful SEED projects
  • Recycling projects in the Students Union, library, and halls.
  • Sustainable applications made to Union Council.
  • Brainstorming how to make societies more sustainable; e.g. chocoholics and Fairtrade.

Who can attend?

All staff and students are more than welcome to attend meetings that will occur throughout the year, but please email ahead first. Please feel free to email questions and bring topics on sustainability policy, event organisation, project ideas or any concerns you have.

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