The SEED Fund

Deadline for proposals 5pm on 8th November 2019

The SEED Fund stands for Sustainable Enterprise and Environmental Development and is a joint University and Union hello!concept to support your project ideas. We have around £2000 to spend split for projects relating to the Global Goals. The funding can come from 2 places:

  • Social Impact Team

Need an idea? Check out our suggestions! Or check out previous ideas for inspiration.

This is a rare opportunity for funding and for students, offers you the chance to gain essential employable skills that look great on your CV. Guided by the Social Impact Team, applicants will be asked to fill in a proposal and complete a presentation to the Student Sustainability Project Group (SSPG) who will distribute the SEED fund.

The focus is on enabling a wide variety of people to become more involved in the sustainability practices within the University and work with us to instigate positive change.

What is the process?

Diagram of 4 stage process


If you are ready with project idea and would like to apply, fill in our project proposal template below and email to Saja.

Drop-in support sessions to discuss ideas and help with applications in the SU Hub:

  • Tuesday 29th October - 2-3pm
  • Wednesday 30th October - 3-4pm

If you have any questions, email Saja Elmishri (Social Impact Assistant)

Deadline Project Proposal for submitting Phase 1 SEED Fund was 8th Nov 2019. But we are still accepting the second round in 2020. If you have any inquiries do not hesitate to get in touch.

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