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Our current ideas are listed below but feel free to suggest your own idea.

These projects can be as part of your degree or voluntary and can be done individually or in groups.

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Doing your project with us gives you access to data and additional expertise and means that your project will have a real world application - whether you produce a model that we can use, change policy or procedure - you can be sure that your project will change something that the University does and that will have a lasting impact.

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Establishing the embodied carbon in buildings

Carrying out an energy analysis of College Court / MSB to find out if it's better to use an existing than build new

Mammal study Conduct a mammal study at Blackthorn Manor

Developing a carbon footprinting tool

Production of a database and modelling tool for a web programme to enable departments and businesses to calculate their own carbon footprints simply

Developing a carbon footprinting tool web programme

Developing a user-friendly IT interface to deliver the carbon footprinting tool (working with other students)

Construction project management

Minimising impact and maximising the design of University construction projects

Communicating energy data effectively 1

Displaying Percy Gee data (Databird) in an attractive way on the SU display screens

Communicating energy data effectively 2

Developing dashboards/screens for various buildings from our AMR data (Databird & Utilatas)

What makes a successful food growing project?

Review of previous food growing projects and recommendations for the SU project

Can biodiversity reduce the University's carbon footprint?

Measuring the embodied carbon in the university's biodiversity and calculating the effect on our total carbon footprint

How can the University make savings so funds can be better spent elsewhere?

How much energy is used each day/week/month/year at the University?

What happens to our rubbish?

Where does our waste go when we are done with it? Can we reuse more, recycle more, throw away less?

Biophilia – can our campuses make staff and students happier?

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. How can we maximise this at Leicester?

Social Sciences / Humanities



Selling a carbon footprinting tool

Developing a business plan to sell a carbon footprinting tool for energy engagement/ behaviour change purposes

Process Mapping of Waste Management Systems

Process mapping of 40 - 50 current waste management systems into a comprehensive guide

CSR at the University

How are we engaging with and giving back to the community?

Does the University spend its money ethically?

What is our financial investment policy? What values drive our procurement policies?

Rubbish students!

Where are student priorities regarding waste and recycling?

Senior University management attitudes to sustainability

Does it vary between organisations? How can we influence it?

Why are older universities more reluctant to embrace sustainability?

Change management

How to sell sustainability?

Looking at the difference in perception between terms such as ‘green’, ‘environment’ and ‘future-friendly’. How should we badge it for maximum engagement with staff and student?

Can our campuses make staff and students happier?

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. How can we maximise this at Leicester?

The disappearing front lawn

With more people living in accommodation without gardens, how can the Uni help the local community to get green fingered and enjoy nature?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Should they be entwined?

Changing perceptions - waste

In this throw-away society is what we value changing?

Changing landscapes

How is our environment being affected by recent government legislation?

Gender differences in attitudes to sustainability

Do women really care more about the environment?

Sustainability: Can we afford not to?

Future-proofing the University. Is it worth the investment?

Growing a social enterprise

Turning the Hungry4Change project into a stand-alone business

Getting some (head) space

Mindfulness is big news now – how can the University environment promote this valuable practice?

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