Current and Past Projects

Get inspired by past and current student-led projects!

Over the past three years, many wonderful project ideas having been launched. Whether as an SSWG society, individual SEED or SDP group project, you can join them in making huge strides in improving the sustainability of our University. Check out what's gone on so far!

GeogSoc bottles


  • Investigating how switching off lights in the Maurice Shock Building can reduce energy consumption and save money (SDP)
  • Creating a forest garden at the back of FJB lawn (SEED)
  • Producing and selling designed stainless steel water bottles and raise money for WaterAid and Marine Conservation Society (GeogSoc SEED)
  • Raising awareness of food waste and the carbon footprint their food choices have (SDP)
  • Running a clothes swap event during Go Green Week to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry (SEED)clothes swap
  • Raising awareness of the Global Goals through a 'Print a Pledge' hand-printing activity (SSWG)
  • Creating an online advent calendar to encourage staff and students to have a more sustainable Christmas (SDP)

    Hedgehog Supporter

  • Extra-curricular project raising awareness of hedgehogs and how to help them, as well as increasing the population of hedgehogs at the Brookfield site.
  • YOUR PROJECT! Apply for funding/help/training here


  • Harvesting unused local apple trees, making toffee apples, apple juice and apple sauce, and promoting local, seasonal food (EAS and H4C / SSWG)

Apple Festival

  • Working with Commercial Services to provide more plant-based and locally-sourced meals. (SDP)
  • Herbal Medicine VolunteersWorking with Waste Management and Commercial Services to reduce food waste. (SSWG)
  • Educating students and staff on sustainable medical practises and use of natural medicines such as herbs (SEED)
  • Creating a social media page for students to swap and re-use items (SDP)
  • Coffee Cup SurveyInvestigating how we can reduce the number of disposable coffee cups used, surveying staff and students (SDP)
  • Designing a rooftop garden for the Physics Building, working with Estates (SDP)
  • Interactive Breakfast activity encouraging students and staff to choose Fairtrade foods (GeogSoc SSWG/SEED)
  • GeogSoc Fairtrade 2017

  • Promoting waste reduction tips and products (SDP)
  • Planting an orchard of fruit-trees for a local organic fruit supply. (EAS SSWG/SEED)
  • Pear tree

  • Working with local group Morsbags to handmake reusable shopping bags (EAS SSWG)
  • Morsbag

  • Dissertation studying hedgehog and invertebrate populations on University land


  • A campaign to encourage more dietary options in University food outlets, and ease the stigma around diet choices; from gluten-free to veganism. (SSWG VegSoc)
  • Producing and selling homemade jam from the Hungry for Change plot, a sustainable enterprise including everything from planting bushes to jam creation. (SEED)
  • Jam Progression

  • Encouraging the use of reusable menstrual products, to reduce waste. Including 20 staff and students trialling the Mooncup, open workshops to sew reusable sanitary towels, and Union Council applications to get these products sold on campus. (SEED)
  • Mooncup Project Journey

  • Dissertation investigating the success of ‘bring your own mug’ incentives in the Library café, to reduce use of disposable coffee cups. Using the 20p discount scheme already in place, the student promoted the incentive and tested whether it decreased coffee cup waste. The research found the discount isn’t that popular (38% use reusable cups) because the discount is not rewarding enough to engage students and not convenient enough to engage staff.
  • Planting a ‘Fruit 4 Free’ trail of fruit frees around campus (SSWG Hungry for Change and EAS collaboration)
  • Fruit-for-free trail planted around campus by student volunteers

  • Jumperthon selling discounted jumpers to encourage saving energy (SDP)
  • Improving the recycling % in the SU with new, targeted signage. (SSWG)Recycling in the Union
  • Eco bar crawl to promote waste reduction in student life including Environmental Pub Quiz (SDP)
  • Creating a business case for LED lighting in the library, and gaining support by petitioning staff and students (SDP)
  • Increasing bird populations at Blackthorn Manor, with five semi-mature fruit trees (Cherry and Rowan), eleven bird boxes and several bird feeeders. The student also worked with a licensed ringer and academic member of the University, and monitoring of the boxes still continues (SEED)

Zora Bird Project

  • Building bug hotels to create habitats for insect wildlife (SDP)

Bug Hotel

  • Encouraging students and staff to choose Fairtrade (SSWG GeogSoc)

GeogSoc Fairtrade


  • Recycling and waste reduction games during Go Green Week (SDP)
  • Raising awareness of the benefits of local organic produce (SDP)
  • Fruit Students

  • Encouraging students to try walking in to Uni by use of food voucher incentive scheme (SDP)
  • Walking Winner

  • Big Switch Off event turning off unused lights in buildings to promote energy saving (SDP)




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