Bin Signage Competition 2019

Want to help the environment and win £100 worth of vouchers? Want to help people learn how to recycle more effectively?

The Social Impact Team are running a Bin Signage Competition where we would like you to design bin signage that helps people learn how to separate their waste. The signage should help people recognise the types of waste that goes into metal, plastic, paper and landfill. The signage should be a clear guide for people and help them recycle efficiently in order to reduce waste to landfill. This competition is open to all students and staff.


Example of bin signage

What do I need to do?

We need a design for a label for each of our bins- metal/ plastic/ paper and landfill. You should produce something to distinguish each bin and what the contents of each bin should be (provided below). This can be done through a sticker on the bin, a poster above the bin or on the top or any other creative way that you think will be the most effective. Go and check out what the bins look like around campus to get an idea of what we already have in place. The winning design will replace those!

How will the competition work?

Once you have submitted your designs, we will be piloting the bin signage in different buildings over two weeks and complete a waste audit to see which bin signage has been the most effective.
The bins which has the most accurate recycling wins the competition.
Rules and deadline:

-   The designs must be print ready, for example high resolution etc.
-   Students must specify format for example, poster, label, sticky format etc.
-   Be creative with your designs.
-   Print specification must be defined before deadline by e-mailing
Deadline for submission: 29th April 2019.

Information guides for recycling:

General Waste

- Sandwich packaging,

- Crisp packets,

- Disposable coffee cups,

- Chocolate bar wrappers,

- Vegware disposable containers



- Paper

- Card


Cans and plastic

- Plastic bottles,

- Plastic containers (numbers 1-6) not black coloured,

- Drinks cans,

- Food tins,

- Coffee cup lids


All waste needs to be clean so ideally no food and liquid waste in any bin.

If you need some information about what can be recycled and in which bin you can find a list here. You can also find a 'A-Z Guide on Recycling' here.


Any queries, please contact

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