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Working with you to make your area of work more socially responsible and sustainable

Resources and Communication

Welcome to your staff page on social impact. This section of our website is all about supplying you with the resources and information to help you and your department make positive change. No university is an island and we understand our actions as an institution and as individuals have an impact on those around us. We are committed to teaching our ethos of sustainability to everyone for the benefit of staff, students and the local community.

Your voice is an essential part of the road to positive impact and we want to give you the right tools to get involved and be a part of our sustainable future. So how can you help?

New staff? Come see us at our stall during Staff Induction to find out more

Getting Involved


Come along on Wednesday lunchtimes to our Hungry for Change allotment at Brookfield from plot maintenance to harvesting produce.

Coordinator roles:

The Positive Impact Network is a communications group created to support our social impact and sustainability goals. We want you to help represent your department/building so good practice can be encouraged and feedback given in every corner of the University.

You and students:

You may have a student who wishes to do a project or you're looking to give them other opportunities for their dissertation. See our Dissertation and Project Ideas page for possible study topics and see how we can provide support as supervisor and financier.

Research and partnerships:

Does your research touch upon the environment or sustainability? It doesn't matter what your subject is, from psychology and mindfulness to carbon reduction, we want to hear about your work.

Doing your bit:

You don't have to be a part of the above to do your bit. Having a sustainable work environment sets the standard for others to do the same. Before long, your compost caddy may be the envy of everyone and kick-starts an office trend. Start or just support a campaign and help make a difference!

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