Meet the Team

The Social Impact Team

A small team dedicated to making the University a more sustainable and socially aware institution.


Prof Jon Scott is the University Leadership Team representative for Social Impact.


Social Impact Lead - leads on the Social Impact Strategy.

Dr Sandra Lee

t: (0116) 252 2306

Social Impact Coordinator - provides team project assistance and coordinates reporting requirements and data.

Becci Burden

t: (0116) 252 2453

Waste Manager - Manages waste and related contracts.

Reshma Vanza-Adam

t: (0116) 223 1434

Head of Carbon and Energy

Chrispal Anand

t: (0116) 252 2308

Utilities Technician - delivers energy-related projects

Adrian Hinks

t: (0116) 252 5077

Utilities Assistant - Assists with utility bills and energy reporting

Dalveer Johal

t: (0116) 223 1321

Social Impact Projects Officer - leads Social Impact Enablers programme and other SI projects (in partnership with the Innovation Hub).

Sumaya Jamaale

t: (0116) 252 5658

Social Impact Projects Assistant - leads on student engagement activities and SEED projects.

Alice Jackson

t: (0116) 229 7469

ESD Lead

Dr Sarah Gretton

t: (0116) 252 2534

Academic Engagement Officer - delivers ESD, Living labs and other teaching & research related projects (in partnership with Education Excellence Programme)

Hannah Sellers

t: (0116) 223 1439

This team includes:

Positive Impact Network

Environmental Action Society

Sustainability Steering Group

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