Sustainable Procurement

The current Procurement Strategy (2020-23) includes objective 6:

Better identify, establish, track and promote sustainability benefits and risk mitigations as part of our procurement and contract management

The Procurement Team’s mission:

To optimise the value for money derived from procurement spend by being attuned to the Universities’ aims and objectives. Also, to proactively and constructively help define value for money for the Universities by informing the leadership/colleagues of developments in procurement practices and supply markets.

Performance measure:

50 contracts include sustainability benefits/risk mitigations (incl. the requirement to use and maintain the NETPositive(5) tool) that are monitored, by January 2021

Meet sustainable procurement standard ISO 20400(6) by 2023

The Procurement Teams will…

p) Engage NETPositive to work with both Universities’ Procurement Teams and their respective Sustainability Teams, as a single project group, to audit our sustainable procurement practices and advise on how we can meet ISO 20400

q) Use the NETPositive tool to identify where we can support Leicestershire-based suppliers to improve their sustainability performance

Procurement Policies and Guidance

More detailed procurement policy and guidance notes (and prompts in templates) help realise the University’s social impact mission and priorities:

  • SME-Friendly Procurement Policy - Explains the steps that the University takes to ensure that its procurement processes do not create unnecessary barriers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
  • Sustainable Procurement (including Equality) Guidance - Provides examples of where wider social, economic and environmental benefits may be gained through procurement contracts.
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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