Net Zero Approach Consultation

Internal consultation questions to collate feedback on the draft net zero and offset documents.

Please read the draft net zero plan and offset principles and answer the following questions by 8th Dec to help inform further drafts.

How would you rate your previous experience of carbon emissions / net zero?

Is the Net Zero Plan clear?  

Did the documents increase your knowledge of net zero / offset?

Does the Net Zero Plan clearly outline the University's overall ambition?  

Do you agree that our target year to reach net zeroshould be 2040?  

Do you agree with the breadth of emissions that we have included in the net zero target?  

Do you think net zero should be incorporated in core University activities?

How can you individually contribute to the University reaching net zero in your work area? Select all that apply
Offsetting is extremely complex - does the document aid your understanding of the University's priority in this area?   NOTE: we are not yet recommending an offset supplier. Please follow your funders' guidance until further notice.

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