Frequently Asked Questions

Who has been enrolled onto the training?

The initial launch campaign began in September 2016. All staff members who had a email account in July were enrolled into the original cohort. This was approximately 4000 staff members.


How will new staff access the training?

All staff members who began working at the University after July 2016 are able to self-enrol. This is also included with the induction pack given to both managers and the new starter. Details on how to access to the self-enrolment module can be found here.


What about colleagues who do not have access to a computer?

Colleagues who do not use a computer as part of their role or who do not have access to a computer should agree access with their line manager. Where large numbers of staff are in roles which do not require computer access the EDI Team have delivered a face to face version of the online training. Their attendance has then been marked as completion on our database. Please note the EDI will only provide a face to face option where the possibility of arranging for the staff to complete the training online is not possible due to reasons such as computer access.


Are all members of the department such as research staff, associate tutors able to access the training?

Yes- as long as they have a email account they will be able to self-enrol by following the instructions via this link.


Are students able to access the training?

The staff Equality and Diversity module has been designed and developed for staff users. Therefore the examples, policy and guidance are specific to staff. We therefore do not recommend that students enrol to this module. We are in the process of developing a student equality and diversity module which will be promoted to all students in the near future.


How long does the training take?

The training takes on average between 60-90 minutes and has been designed to give the user the option to access further information should they wish to.


How is the percentage completion rate calculated?

We have been reporting completion success rates against the original cohort of 4000 staff. We regularly update our figures to reflect the staff who have left the University. We are currently not able to report completion for anyone who has self-enrolled.


How will impact be measured?

As well as the percentage of staff who have completed the module we are also working to ensure that learning is implemented within processes such as appraisals, recruitment, career progression and development and increased participation from staff with EDI projects and initiatives.


How often will the training have to be completed?

The training will be reviewed annually to ensure that the content is up to date. Staff will be expected to complete the training every three years unless a major review is required sooner, in which case the training may need to be completed before the three years.


What acknowledgement will be given to those colleagues who have completed?

The EDI Team are able to track completion via our records. Although the University does not require any further confirmation of completion we understand that some colleagues may wish to receive a certificate to confirm their completion. The EDI will email certificates to those who have completed the training when we update the complete figures every term. Certificates will be generated once a month. You do not need to pursue your certificate as it will be generated by the EDI team and sent to you as soon as it is produced.


How do I find out if I have completed?

You will be able to track your progress by viewing the shaded boxes in the module which will indicate whether you have completed the section. If all the boxes in the main menu are shaded then this indicates that you have completed the module (see image below). We understand that sometimes technical errors can occur. If you feel you have completed the module but progress has not been tracked please email the EDI team via


I have not completed the module what should I do?

You should seek to complete the module as soon as possible.


How will we build upon our success rate?

The EDI Team will continue to provide termly reminders to colleagues who have not completed the module. The EDI Team will also be offering a suite a training sessions which will build upon the information covered in the online module.


How do I get statistics on completion?

Statistics will be updated on the EDI webpage every term. These will be aggregated to college and departmental level. Unfortunately we are not able to provide data on more bespoke requests at the moment due to the limitation on our reporting functions.

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