Equality and Diversity Training

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is vitally important to both our mission as a University and to our institutional values. We would like to ensure that every University employee understands and supports our approach to advancing EDI. Our two mandatory online modules form part of the learning and development provision that we believe will help best equip staff to support inclusivity in all that we do as University

Mandatory Online Training

1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Module

2. Challenging Unconscious Bias Module

General instructions:

  • Please note that both training modules are mandatory for all staff. University of Leicester students should not enrol on these courses, there will be specific modules as part of their curriculum.
  • Note that the packages have been designed to work on Internet Explorer 11 as provided to your PC by the University.  It may also work on other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  If you browser blocks pop-ups then click "Launch Course" or similar, or disable the pop-up blocker and try and again.
  • Please ensure you exit the training correctly, otherwise you will not be recorded as having completed the course.
  • Please also remember to update your equalities data on Employee Self Service.  If you are concerned about the use of this data then see the Equalities Monitoring section here .  The Stonewall Stonewall PDF is also useful.

1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Module

How to Enrol

Please note there is no certificate issued at the end of this course.  However, you can request for an email confirmation via the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team by contacting equalities@le.ac.uk

To take the training on Blackboard just log-in using your usual ID and password.
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About this Course

  • The training takes approximately an hour, however if you wish to follow all the links to extra content then it may take a little longer.
  • It is best to try and complete the training in one sitting, however as long as you exit the training correctly the course will remember what sections you have completed.

Please see our EDI Online Training FAQs for further information

Please click here to view other external training resources


2. Challenging Unconscious Bias Training

How to enrol

  • login to Blackboard using your usual ID and password.
  • You will need to self-enrol to the course, here is a short guide to enrolling on the course.
  • Once you have been enrolled the course will appear in 'My Courses', please then click on the 'Learning Materials' section of the drop down menu to start the training.
  • You can view your Grade once the training has been completed in your Grade Centre.

About this Course

  • This module introduces Unconscious Bias.
  • The training will take approximately 45 minutes and it is best to try and complete the training in one sitting.

Unconscious bias is a term used to describe the associations that we hold which, despite being outside our conscious awareness, can have a significant influence on our attitudes and behaviour.  Regardless of how fair minded we believe ourselves to be, most people have some degree of unconscious bias.  This means that we automatically respond to others (e.g. people from different racial or ethnic groups) in positive or negative ways.

Not all forms of discrimination and harassment are conscious or physical actions.  Sometimes we can affect people through unconscious bias.  We are all prone to unconscious bias based on influences such as our education, social circles, family life etc.  Therefore we must continuously 'check' ourselves for unconscious bias, to ensure that the prejudices and stereotypes that we hold do not impact on our decisions and actions without realising it.

Please also remember to update your EDI data on Employee Self Service.  If you are concerned about the use of this data then see our guide here and this Stonewall PDF is also useful.

The resources below are found in the course but you might like to revisit them from here at a later date (all links open in a new window):

Other Training Resources and Links:


External Links:

Equality Challenge Unit

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living

Disability Rights UK

Leicester LGBT Centre

Stonewall UK

LAMP (Mental Health in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

Mencap UK

Mind UK

Race Equality Centre

St Philips Centre (Strengthening Community Integration)

Gender Identity Research and Education Society


Original staff announcement

If you have any queries then please contact the EDI Team on equalities@le.ac.uk

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