Sexual Orientation

The University has committed itself to the proactive treatment of equality with respect to sexuality.

In 2009 the Higher Education’s Equality Challenge Unit published the findings of a study it had commissioned into the experiences of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual) staff and students in higher education.  With responses from over 4000 people it showed that going to University often provided a positive experience for LGBT students.

However it also revealed that homophobic and discriminatory behaviour against LGBT students and staff was still widespread.  For instance 20% of LGB students suspended their studies and 38.8% of LGB responses had experienced discrimination and abuse from colleagues.  A full report of the outcome of this survey can be found on the UCU website.

Such behaviour will not be tolerated by the University of Leicester which is one reason why the University has adopted its proactive approach.  We shall soon publish an explicit anti homophobic policy through which we will provide safe routes for the reporting and management of such behaviour.

Stonewall Workplace Equality Index

We have been participating in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index for two years. In 2016 we ranked 278th in the index, which was an improvement from our previous position.  Although we have committed to achieving Top 100 employer status by 2018, we are not using the index as a definitive approach to the work we are doing in relation to LGBT equality. We are working closely with the Leicester LGBT Centre to understand the specific concerns faced by our staff and students, so that we are able to make real and positive change. From those organisations participating in the 2016 index, Leicester had one of the highest responses rates to the staff survey, which is extremely encouraging.  We are currently preparing for our 2018 submission and will be working closely with a number of colleagues and community members to advance LGBT equality.

Build an LGBT-inclusive service using Stonewall's Service Delivery Toolkits

Step 1: Beginning the journey

Step 2: Monitoring and consultation

Step 3: Training frontline staff

Step 4: Communicating an inclusive service

Step 1-4 (Accessible version - word doc.)

Further information:

LGBT+ Staff Equality Forum

Leicester LGBT Centre

Sexual Orientation Protection from Harassment Policy

Stonewall Workplace Equality Index

Other useful links ...

Please also remember to update your equalities data on Employee Self Service.  If you are concerned about the use of this data then see our guide here and this Stonewall PDF is also useful.

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