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The University recognises and values the diversity of our staff and students which enriches our culture of equality and inclusion. Working closely with our Staff LGBT+ Equality Forum, LGBT+ Equality and Action Group and Student LGBTQ+ society we are proud to celebrate our LGBT+ role models in promoting authenticity in the workplace and study environment. We know that in order to flourish people need to feel themselves. We hope that through sharing the experiences of our LGBT+ staff and students there is a greater awareness and respect for LGBT+ people across the University.



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'I’m a young gay man who met my current partner of almost three years while studying for my undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester, and I’m thrilled to now be working here as the communications and engagement assistant for the David Wilson Library. The support and encouragement I’ve received during my time here has been fundamental to the development of my confidence and ability to live openly as a member of the LGBTQ community. I’m fortunate enough to have been welcomed into a strong network of LGBTQ individuals here at the University and grateful for the ways in which that network has allowed me to enjoy an exciting academic and professional career without ever feeling like my own sexual identity was a liability or something that shouldn’t be embraced.'


 Manish role model

'I am a gay Asian man as well as a practicing Hindu, and have never had occasion to not celebrate this during my time at work at the University of Leicester. It provides a supportive working environment, and the Staff LGBT+ Forum is there as an extra arm of support, as well as a safe space in which to meet and discuss issues and ideas with other LGBT+ staff. The Forum also makes provision for new projects that change and influence University policy, and is a vehicle that makes our voices stronger.'




'I have been working at our University for several years now, in a variety of positions. I started as a Management Accountant in Finance and am now the Director of Strategic Planning and Performance. In late 2015 my partner and I adopted two small children. I experienced encouragement and support when I requested a year of parental leave to support their transition into our two mum, two whippet family. On my return, I was supported to reduce my hours to 0.8 FTE which has helped enormously with continuity of caring responsibilities and work-life balance. I have always been open about my sexuality whilst working at Leicester, in the hope that this encourages others to be confident in doing the same. The support I have experienced from all colleagues in becoming a LGBTQ parent has been significant and I would hope this is mirrored in the experiences of everyone who works here.'


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'When I first applied to our University to work in the Physics and Astronomy department I included the transferable skills I had from my voluntary work in the bisexual community and under wider gender, sexuality and relationship diversity umbrellas. I’ve always been able to mention a partner or event as part of the background of my life in the same way as colleagues might mention their families, hobbies or sporting interests. I helped run Leicester LGBT Pride and we had a Space theme so I told my whole department and had positive responses plus amusement at a straight colleague’s surprise until he realised I was saying Pride would be of specific interest to him because of his science outreach activities rather than his gender or sexuality. I’d rather the various areas of my life felt integrated rather than pretending I’m something I’m not and needing to put much energy and worry into erecting and maintaining walls.

Bi communities have felt like home to me for about half of my life so I’m very aware both of the value of support, companionship and friendship to bisexual people and also the distorting influence of stereotypes and the horrendous toll of isolation and hostility on our health and happiness. I’ve wanted to be an open example of one way of leading a life inclusive of my loves and attractions and to encourage more voices to make themselves known. This has continued in the supportive atmosphere of the David Wilson library.

I’ve put energy into building the staff LGBT+ group to act as a critical friend to our University, discovering and fixing biases and promoting where we are a good place for people anywhere on the map of diverse human relating to come and work, study, discover and create knowledge. I also enjoy making connections between us and the wider world through personal contacts and encouraging joint projects.'


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‘I am an out gay woman who has been working at the University for only six months. Those six months have been very exciting and my interest in being part of the LGBT+ community at work has led me to become the co-chair of the already well established LGBT+ Staff Forum. I have been working on many projects that the University’s Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Team have been pursuing. Promoting Stonewall within my immediate workplace (The University Library), becoming a role model, contributing and helping run Leicester Pride this September and promoting an LGBT+ Film Series beginning this October. I believe my open visibility at work creates a positive working environment and at no point have I ever felt my sexuality has had a negative baring upon the way in which I am treated by my colleagues. From my experiences the University of Leicester is a great place for an LGBT+ person to work.’



'I am a Pansexual person, who has Fibromyalgia, Dyspraxia and Mental Health disabilities. Both myself and my partner work for the University and have found we have both been welcomed with open arms. Whilst I am open about the above, it is something that you cannot necessarily make people aware of but strongly feel there would be no prejudice or issues within the University or any Department if I was to move. I am unfortunately not based on main campus but have still been welcomed within the LGBTQ+ community and feel that it is something that is embraced and not hidden or not something to be embarrassed about, this has certainly improved my own confidence with my sexuality.'


LGBT+ Role Models Booklet - We are proud to recognise and promote LGBT+ role models in the workplace. As part of the University's partnership with other public sector organisations in Leicestershire we are working with colleagues across all organisations to support and promote LGBT+ role models. If you are interested in becoming a role model please contact

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