We require information relating to age so that we are able to accurately identify the makeup of our workforce and incorporate this data into standard reporting such as recruitment and internal processes such as merit awards and sickness absence, to name a few. We are then able to identify whether there are any gaps, trends or areas of concerns such as indirect discrimination or differential impacts on specific groups.

As well as a requirement to provide equalities monitoring data to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, under the Equality Act 2010 we are also legally required to produce and publish equalities monitoring information annually. This data will only be used anonymously and to make high level analysis.

If your date of birth is shown incorrectly on ESS, please notify HR by emailing or calling (0116) 252 2439.


A new initiative has been developed to encourage career progression. Data relating to age shows that the proportion of applicants for this initiative is over represented in the age ranges above 40. When looking at the equalities data relating to age across the University, this over representation is justified as there are generally many more employees over the age of 40 compared to those under the age of 40, so we would naturally expect more applicants from these age groups. However, the data has identified that work can be undertaken to encourage the small proportion of under 40’s to apply for the initiative and further encourage applications for new posts for more varied age groups. If we did not collate information on age, we would not have been able to identify the over representation and the differential impact on employees under the age of 40.


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