Online Ordering

Guide to Online Request Forms and Book Orders

The following guidelines are to help both contributors and the YW staff.

Please complete details in full, taking into account the following:

  • Please include full author name and complete title - including A, The, etc. at the start of titles
  • For smaller / independent publishers it would help us if you could please say where you found the information about the book or publication (e.g. website address).
  • There is no need to input your address on the form unless
    • you are a new contributor and this is your first order
    • you wish to notify us of a change of address - please indicate clearly that it is a change and also send the EA Officer a direct email  to confirm this
  • Please provide the ISBN whenever possible
  • Pressing the "Submit" button will take you to a screen noting what you have ordered. We recommend printing a copy of this for your records.

Office Procedures

Each request arrives as an email at the EA office in Leicester for processing. All requests are logged into the YW database and requests are made to publishers.

If another reviewer has requested the book, if the review list is closed, or if the publisher is unable to provide a review copy, you will be notified.

IF A BOOK DOES NOT ARRIVE WITHIN 2 MONTHS you may then query this with the EA office by completing an online form as before, checking the "Repeat Request" button. We will then contact the publisher to ask if there is a problem with the supply. (Please ensure that the book has been published before sending in a second request)

Please note

  • Publishers do not always inform us if a book has been sent out to you
  • A publisher may send you books that are outside your area - if you do not require them please forward them to the EA office
  • If you change your address or wish books to be sent to a different address, please inform us by e-mail as soon as possible

Order Queries

Please email Year's Work Team with details of your query.



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