YWES Contributor List

Chapter 1: English Language

General Dr Robert Cloutier, University of Amsterdam r.a.cloutier@uva.nl

History of English Linguistics Dr Anita Auer University of Lausanne anita.auer@unil.ch From V97 Dr Nuria Yanez-Bouza, University of Vigo

Phonetics/Phonology Dr Radek Swiecinski, University of Amsterdam r.j.swiecinski@uva.nl

Morphology and Syntax Gea Dreschler, Free University Amsterdam g.a.dreschler@vu.nl
Dr Phillip Wallage, Northumbria University phillip.wallage@northumbria.ac.uk

From V 97 Sune Gregersen Rygard, University of Amsterdam S.H.G.Rygard@uva.nl

Semantics Dr Beata Gyuris, Hungarian Academy of Science gyuris@nytud.hu

Lexicography, Lexicology, Lexical Semantics Dr Kathryn Allan, University College London kathryn.allan@ucl.ac.uk

Seth Mehl, University College London seth.mehl.10@ucl.ac.uk

Onomastics Dr Maggie Scott, University of Salford M.R.Scott@salford.ac.uk

Ed Callary, Northern Illinois University ecallary@niu.edu

Mackenzie Kerby, Northern Illinois University mkerby01@gmail.com

Dialectology and Sociolinguistics Lieselotte Anderwald Christian Albrechts University, Kiel anderwald@anglistik.uni-kiel.de

New Englishes and Creolistics Dr Alexander Kautzsch, University of Regensburg alexander.kautzsch@sprachlit.uni-regensburg.de

English as a Lingua Franca Barbara Seidlhofer University of Vienna barbara.seidlhofer@univie.ac.at

Claudio Schekulin University of Vienna claudio.schekulin@univie.ac.at
Nora Dorn University of Vienna nora.dorn@univie.ac.at

From V.96 Dr Alessia Cogo, Tian Gan and Ida Parise, Goldsmiths, University of London a.cogo@gold.ac.uk

Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis Charlotte Taylor, University of Sussex Charlotte.Taylor@sussex.ac.uk

Stylistics Dr Coral Calvo Maturana, University of Cadiz coral.calvo@uca.es V97 Jessica Norledge, University of Sheffield j.norledge@sheffield.ac.uk

Second Language Acquisition Dr Tihana Kras University of Rijeka tk302@cantab.net
Dr Maja Miličević University of Belgrade m.milicevic@fil.bg.ac.rs

Chapter 2: Old English

Bibliography, Manuscript Studies, Social and Cultural History, Prose Dr Christine Wallis, University of Sheffield c.wallis@sheffield.ac.uk

Beowulf, Exeter, Junius and Vercelli manuscripts, other poetry Dr Rebecca Fisher University of Warwick rebecca.m.c.fisher@gmail.com

From 2015 Dr Eric Lacey, University of Winchester Eric.Lacey@winchester.ac.uk

Chapter 3: Middle English

General and Miscellaneous Dr Elizabeth Elliott University of Aberdeen elizabethelliott@abdn.ac.uk

Theory Dr Katie Walter, University of Sussex K.L.Walter@sussex.ac.uk From V97 R.D. Perry, University of California Berkeley rdperry@berkeley.edu

Manuscript Studies Dr Carrie Griffin, University of Bristol carrie.griffin@bristol.ac.uk From V. 97 Dr Daniel Sawyer, University of Oxford daniel.sawyer@ell.ox.ac.uk

Early Middle English Alastair Bennett, Royal Holloway, University of London Alastair.Bennett@rhul.ac.uk

Secular Verse Dr Harriet Howes, Queen Mary, University of London h.howes@qmul.ac.uk

Religious Prose Dr Niamh Pattwell, University College Dublin niamh.pattwell@ucd.ie

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, Patience, Cleanness Dr Michelle Sauer University of North Dakota Michelle.M.Sauer@und.nodak.edu From V. 96 Dr Michael Madrinkian, University of Oxford michael.madrinkian@hertford.ox.ac.uk

Piers Plowman Will Youngman, University of Louisiana at Monroe youngman@elm.edu From V97 Dr Joel Grossman, Queen Mary University of London j.grossman@qmul.ac.uk

Religious Verse Anne Baden-Daintree University of Bristol Ann.Baden-Daintree@bristol.ac.uk

Romance: Metrical, Alliterative, Prose, Holly Moyer, UCLA holly.moyer@gmail.com From V96 Dr Gareth Griffith, University of Bristol Gareth.Griffith@bristol.ac.uk and Dr Anna Dow, University of Durham a.e.dow@durham.ac.uk

Gower, Yoshiko Kobayashi, University of Tokyo yoshikok@cd6.so-net.ne.jp

Lydgate and Hoccleve Dr Mary Flannery University of Lausanne mary.flannery@unil.ch

Older Scots Kate Ash-Irisarri, University of Manchester kate.irisarri@icloud.com

Drama: Dr Daisy Black deb31@cantab.net and Dr Tamara Atkin, Queen Mary University of London, t.atkin@qmul.ac.uk

Secular Prose: Dr Therese O'Byrne, Rutgers State University of New Jersey tobyrne@alumni.nd.edu

Chapter 4: Chaucer

Dr Ben Parsons University of Leicester bp62@leicester.ac.uk and Dr Natalie Jones, University College London natalie.jones@ucl.ac.uk
(V93 only) Dr Louise Sylvester University of Westminster Sylvester1@westminster.ac.uk and Dr Roberta Magnani, Swansea University  R.Magnani@swansea.ac.uk

Chapter 5: Early 16th Century

Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, University of Sheffield g.schwartzleeper@sheffield.ac.uk

Edward Smith, University of Sheffield edward.smith@sheffield.ac.uk

Chapter 6: 16th Century, Excluding Drama after 1550

General Harriet Phillips Queen Mary University of London h.phillips@qmul.ac.uk

From V.95 Dr Harriet Archer, Independent Scholar harriet.archer@gmail.com

Sidney and Spenser Dr Richard Wood Sheffield Hallam University Richard.Wood@shu.ac.uk

Chapter 7: Shakespeare

Editions and Textual Matters Dr Brett Greatley-Hirsch, University of Leeds brett.hirsch@gmail.com From V.97 Dr Jennifer Young, University of Greenwich jennifer.m.young@gmail.com

General Dr Elisabetta Tarantino, University of Oxford elisabetta.tarantino@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk

Tragedies Johann Gregory Cardiff University gregoryj@cardiff.ac.uk V96: Kate Wilkinson, Sheffiedl Hallam University dskw1@exchange.shu.ac.uk

Poetry Arun Cheta Sheffield Hallam University b2034216@my.shu.ac.uk V96: Shirley Bell, Sheffield Hallam University b0023394@my.shu.ac.uk

Histories Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper University of Sheffield g.schwartzleeper@sheffield.ac.uk From V.96 Christian Griffiths, Monash University christian.griffiths@monash.edu

Shakespeare on Film Dr Elinor Parsons De Montfort University eparsons@dmu.ac.uk

Shakespeare in the Theatre Dr P.J. Smith Nottingham Trent University peter.smith@ntu.ac.uk

Comedies Professor Louise Geddes, Adelphi University lgeddes@adelphi.edu From V.96 Louise Powell, Sheffield Hallam University b6015460@my.shu.ac.uk

Problem Plays Daniel Cadman From V.96 Domenico Lovascio, University of Genoa lovascio.domenico@gmail.com From V97 Emanuel Stelzer, University of Bergamo emanuel.stelzer@unibg.it

Late Plays Sheilagh Ilona O'Brien University of Queensland sheilagh.obrien@uqconnect.edu.au

Chapter 8: Renaissance Drama Excluding Shakespeare

Editions, Textual Studies Dr Eion Price, Swansea University eoin.price@swansea.ac.uk

Criticism excluding Marlowe Dr Helen F. Smith, University of Edinburgh H.F.Smith-2@sms.ed.ac.uk

Theatre History Dr Elizabeth Sharrett

Marlowe Dr Per Sivefors, Linnaeus University, Sweden per.sivefors@lnu.se

Jonson Clare Whitehead, King's College London clare.whitehead@kcl.ac.uk

Chapter 9: Earlier 17th Century - General, Prose

Women's Writing

General Dr John Burton University of Wales Lampeter pe189@lamp.ac.uk

Evelyn & Browne Lucy Gwynn, Eton College lucygwynn@gmail.com

Chapter 10: Milton and Poetry, 1603-1660


Herbert James Doelman Brescia University jdoelman@uwo.ca

Milton Matthew Mroz, University of Connecticut mrozm77@gmail.com

Donne (Vol 93 only) Dr Angela Balla University of Alabama at Huntsville ajb0003@uah.edu From V.94 Dr Anne James, University of Regina Anne.James@uregina.ca

General Professor Garth Bond, Lawrence University garth.bond@lawrence.edu

Chapter 11: Later 17th Century

Dryden's Drama James Ogden Wales From V97 Professor Jennifer Airey, University of Tulsa jennifer-airey@utulsa.edu


Marvell Dr Elizabeth Bradburn, Western Michigan University elizabeth.bradburn@wmich.edu


Drama Professor Jennifer Airey University of Tulsa jennifer-airey@utulsa.edu
Dr Helen Brooks, University of Kent H.E.M.Brooks@kent.ac.uk

Chapter 12: 18th Century

Drama Chrisy Dennis Falmouth University chrisy.dennis@falmouth.ac.uk V95 James Harriman-Smith, University of Cambridge james.harriman-smith@cantab.net

Novel Dr Bonnie Latimer University of Plymouth bonnie.latimer@plymouth.ac.uk V95 Dr James Smith, University of Exeter J.A.Smith@exeter.ac.uk From 2018 Danni Glover Ulster University glover-d3@ulster.ac.uk

Poetry Dr Kerri Andrews University of Strathclyde kerri.andrews@strath.ac.uk From V.96 Bysshe Coffey, University of Exeter bic202@exeter.ac.uk

Prose, General Katherine Wakely-Mulroney, University of Cambridge kbw30@cam.ac.uk V96 Jill Dye, University of Stirling j.s.dye@stir.ac.uk

Chapter 13: 19th Century, Romantic Period

Prose Fiction Eliza O'Brien Newcastle University eliza.obrien.1@gmail.com From V.96 Dr Barbara Leonardi, University of Stirling barbara.leonardi@stir.ac.uk

Non-Fictional Prose Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi Bath Spa University  k.hadjiafxendi@bathspa.ac.uk

Drama Chrisy Dennis Falmouth University chrisy.dennis@falmouth.ac.uk From V.95 Omar Miranda New York University omarmiranda@nyu.edu

General & Prose 1780-1830 Maxine Branagh, University of Stirling maxine.branagh@stir.ac.uk

Poetry A-K Matthew Ward, St Amdrews University mw498@st-andrews.ac.uk

Poetry L-Z Dr Paul Whickman, University of Derby P.Whickman@derby.ac.uk

Chapter 14: 19th Century, Victorian Period

Poetry Clara Dawson, University of Durham c.h.m.dawson@durham.ac.uk From V96 Michael Sullivan, Trinity College, Cambridge mjp90@cam.ac.uk

Novel Ariana Reilly, Utah Valley University arianna.reilly@uvu.edu V97 Lois Burke, Napier University L.Burke@napier.ac.uk

Eliot, Trollope, Collins Professor William Baker Northern Illinois University wbaker@niui.edu

Dickens Michael Gilmour, University of Loughborough michaeljamesgilmour@gmail.com From V96 Christian Dickinson, Baylor University Christian_Dickinson@baylor.edu

General & Prose Professor Kristen Pond, Baylor University Kristen_Pond@baylor.edu

Periodicals, Publishing History Dr David Finkelstein University of Dundee d.finkelstein@dundee.ac.uk

Drama, Theatre History Dr Hayley Bradley, University of Manchester hayley.bradley@manchester.ac.uk From V.96 Lucy Barnes, University of Cambridge lhb26@cam.ac.uk

Chapter 15: Modern Literature

General Professor Matthew Levay, Idaho State University levamatt@isu.edu

British Fiction, 1900-1930 V 96 Dr Andrew Radford University of Glasgow Andrew.Radford@glasgow.ac.uk V97 Dr Alexandre Fachard, University of Geneva Alexandre.Fachard@unige.ch V98 Francesca Bratton, University of Durham f.a.bratton@durham.ac.uk

British Fiction, 1930-1945 Dr Sophie Vlacos, University of Glasgow Sophie.Vlacos@glasgow.ac.uk Professor Caroline Krzakowski, Northern Michigan University ckrzakow@nmu.edu

Joyce Chrissie Van Mierlo Royal Holloway University of London Chrissie.vanMierlo@rhul.ac.uk From V. 96 Maria Dick, University of Glasgow Maria-Daniella.Dick@glasgow.ac.uk

Lawrence Dr Luke Ferretter Baylor University Luke_Ferretter@baylor.edu From V.96 Andrew Keese,Texas Tech University andrew.keese@ttu.edu

Woolf V95 Dr Clara Jones King's College London clara.jones@kcl.ac.uk V96 Catriona Livingstone King's College London catriona.livingstone@kcl.ac.uk

Fiction 1900-1930 Francesca Bratton, Durham University f.a.bratton@durham.ac.uk

Fiction 1945-2000 Hannah Tweed, University of Glasgow h.tweed.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Fiction 2000 - present Dr Kristian Shaw, University of Lincoln KShaw@lincoln.ac.uk

Pre-1950 Drama Dr Rebecca D'Monte University of the West of England Rebecca.D'monte@uwe.ac.uk

Post-1950 Drama Dr Graham Saunders University of Birmingham g.j.saunders@bham.ac.uk

Pre-1950 Poetry Neil Miles Sheffield Hallam University dsnm1@exchange.shu.ac.uk
Dr Matthew Creasy University of Glasgow m.creasy@englit.arts.gla.ac.uk Noreen Masud, Linacre College, Oxford noreen.masud@linacre.ox.ac.uk

Post-1950 Poetry Dr Matthew Sperling University College London m.sperling@ucl.ac.uk From V97 Karl O'Hanlon, University of York karl.ohanlon@york.ac.uk

Irish Poetry Iain Twiddy Hokkaido University hokenglish@gmail.com From V.95 Dr Adam Hanna, University of Aberdeen adam.hanna@abdn.ac.uk

Chapter 16: American Literature to 1900

Helena Goodwyn Queen Mary, University of London helenagoodwyn@gmail.com

Rebecca White, Durham University r.a.white@durham.ac.uk

Katie McGettigan, Keele University katie.mcgettigan@gmail.com

Dr Matthew Salway m.c.salway@gmail.com

General Dr Theresa Saxon University of Central Lancashire tsaxon@uclan.ac.uk

Chapter 17: American Literature Post-1900

Drama Professor Orion Kidder, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver bellecourtstrata@gmail.com

Poetry Dr James Gifford Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver james.d.gifford@gmail.com and Dr Margaret Konkol, Old Dominion University mekonkol@gmail.com

Pre-1945 Fiction Dr James M. Clawson Grambling State University clawson@gmail.com and Dr Candice Lemaire, University of Bourgogne, France candice.lemaire@u-bourgogne.fr

Post-1945 Fiction Mary Foltz Lehigh University mcf209@lehigh.edu

African American Writing Dr Jolene Armstrong Athabasca University jolenea@athabascau.ca

American Ethnic Writing (Native) Dr Lindsay Parker Fairleigh Dickinson University lrparker@gmail.com

Chapter 18: New Literatures

Africa West/North Dr Madhu Krishnan, University of Bristol madhu.krishnan@bristol.ac.uk

Africa South/Central Dr Margaret Daymond University of Kwazulu Natal daymond@ukzn.ac.za

Africa East Dr TIna Steiner, Stellenbosch University tsteiner@sun.ac.za & Dr Grace Musila, Stellenbosch University gmusila@sun.ac.za From V.96 Dr Lynda Spencer, Rhodes University l.spencer@ru.ac.za

Caribbean Dr Giselle Anella Rampaul University of the West Indies, St Augustine Giselle.Rampaul@sta.uwi.edu

Dr Geraldine Skeete University of the West Indies, St Augustine Geraldine.Skeete@sta.uwi.edu

Australia Dr Michael Griffiths, University of Wollongong mickg@uow.edu.au
Professor Paul Sharrad, University of Wollongong psharrad@uow.edu.au

Canada Dr Michael Griffiths, University of Wollongong mickg@uow.edu.au and Dr Christine Lorre-Johnston, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 christine.lorre@univ-paris3.fr

South Asia/India Dr Ira Raja (Books) University of Delhi iraraja@gmail.com
To V 95 Dr Mridula Chakraborty (Journals) Monash University mridula.chakraborty@monash.edu

From V96 Roanna Gonsalves (Journals) University of New South Wales roannag@gmail.com

New Zealand & South Pacific Dr Dougal McNeill Victoria University of Wellington Dougal.McNeill@vuw.ac.nz

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines Professor Weihsin Gui, University of California-Riverside weihsin.gui@ucr.edu

Chapter 19: Bilbliography and Textual Criticism

Professor William Baker Northern Illinois University wbaker@niu.edu


Atiqa Rehman English Association ar452@leicester.ac.uk

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