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Smith, Shawn Michelle, Photographic Returns Racial Justice and the Time of Photography



Badiou, Alain., Malebranche, Theological Figure, Being 2

Bost, Darius., Evidence of Being - The Black Gay Cultural Renaissance and the Politics of Violence



Cahill., J, L., Zoological Surrealism - The Nonhuman Cinema of Jean Painleve

Chuh, Kandice., The Difference Aesthetics Makes On the Humanities "After Man"


Eeckhout, B,. Jamieson, A,. The Wallace Stevens Journal Vol 43 Number 1 Spring 2019 The Bogliasco Seminars

Eeckhout,B,. Goldfrab,L,. The Wallace Stevens Journal Vol 43 Number 2 Fall 2019 Stevens into Music


Farrier, David,. Anthropocene Poetics

Freeman, Elizabeth,. Beside You in Time, Sense Methods and Queer Sociabilities in the American 19th Century

Gold, M, K., Klein, L., Debates in the Digital Humanities
Hall, Stuart., Essential Essays Volume 1 (Identity and Diaspora)

Hall, Stuart., Essential Essays Volume 2 (Foundations of Cultural Studies)

Hofer, M,. Golsron, M (eds),. The Language Letters

Idris, Murad., War for Peace - Genealogies Of A Violent Ideal in Western and Islamic Thought
Kim, Jinah., Postcolonial Grief (The Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas)


Lapoujade, D,. William James Empiricism and Pragmatism Though in the Act

Levine, V, L, Robinson D., Music and Modernity Among First Peoples of North America

Loveless, N., How To Make Art At The End Of The World - A Manifesto for Research Creation

Margel, Serge (Translated by Phillipe Lynes)., The Tomb of the Artisan God (on Plato's Timaeus)

Morais, J,. Things that Make the Heart Beat Faster


Plain, Gill (Ed) ., British Literature In Transition (1940- 1960 Postwar)


van Samsonow, E,. Anti-Electra: The Radical Totem of the Girl

Shapiro, Michael, J,. Punctuations  How the Arts think the Political

Steingo, Gavin., Remapping Sound Studies

Steintrager, James A & Chow, Rey., Sound Objects


Abe, Marie., Resonances of Chindon-Ya - Sounding Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan
Adams, Carol J., Object Lessons: Burger

Bersani, Leo,. Receptive Bodies

Brillenburg Wurth, Kiene, Driscoll, Kari and Pressman, Jessica, Book Presence in a Digital Age

Browning, Gary, Why Iris Murdoch Matters

Carville, Conor.,  Samuel Becket and the Visual Arts

Casarino, Cesare and Righi, Andrea (Eds) Trans by Mark William., Another Mother - Diotima and The Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism

Clark, Nicola,. Gender, Family & politics The Howard Women, 1485-1558

Corrigan, John (ed).,  Feeling Religion

Coward, Noel., Noel Coward Collected Plays: NINE

Curnutt, K., American Literature in Transition


Das, Santanu, India, Empire and First World War Culture
Derrida, Jacques (Trans by Van Reenan, Sandra and De Ville, Jacques)., The Complete Text of Prejuges
Di Leo, Jeffrey R.(Ed), American Literature As World Literature
Dolin, Kieran (ed)., Law and Literature


Eekhout, Bart,. The Wallace Stevens Journal Vol 42 Number 2 Fall 2018

Elbert,. Monika, M,. Nathaniel Hawthorne in Context

Ford, Thomas, H, Wordsworth and the Poetics of Air

Hadjiyiannis, Christos., Conservative Modernists: Literature and Tory Politics in Britain, 1900-1920

Hall, Stuart and Paddy Whannel, The Popular Arts

Harlan, Susan., Object Lessons: Luggage

Hoyles, Asher, Raise up the Low, Bring Down the Mighty Performance Poetry

Hutchinson, Ben., Comparative Literature: A Very Short Introduction
Janich, Peter., What is Information?
Kunka, Andrew J., Autobiographical Comics
Langlois Christopher  (Ed) Understanding Blanchot, Understanding Modernisim

Levin, Joanna, Whitley Edward (Eds)., Walt Whitman in Context


Mangham, Andrew & Lea, Daniel, The Male Body In Medicine and Literature
Manning, Toby, John Le Carre and The Cold War
Moore, Christopher and Purvis Philip (Eds)., Music & Camp
Mundy, Rachel., Animal Musicalities - Birds, Beasts and Evolutionary Listening


Phillips, Christopher N (ed)., The Cambridge Companion To The Literature of the American Renaissance
Potts, Rolf., Object Lessons: Souvenir

Rabate, Jean-Michel., Object Lessons: Rust

Ramone,. Jenni,. The Bloomsbury Introduction to Postcolonial Writing New Contexts , New Narratives, New Debates

Reiter, Bernd (Ed), Constructing The Universe, The Geopolitics of Knowledge

Rodgers, M, Nabokov and Nietsche Problems and Perspectives

Ruffel, Lionel., Brouhaha: Worlds of the Contemporary

Singer, Alan., Posing Sex: Toward a Perceptual Ethics for Literary and Visual Art

Sprengnether, M,. Mourning Freud

Sparrow, Tom., The Alphonso Lingis Reader

Takayoshi, Ichiro., American Literature in Transition 1920 - 1930

Terras, Melissa., Picture-Book Professors,  Academia and Children's Literature

Trousdale, Rachel (Ed), Humor In Modern American Poetry
Ungureanu, Delia, From Paris to Tlon - Surrealism As World Literature

Van Hulle, Dirk & Verhulst, Pim.,  The Making of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Van Hulle, Dirk & Weller, Shane.,  The Making of Samuel Beckett's Endgame

Vatulescu, C et al, The Svetlana Boym Reader

Warren, Calvin, L, Ontological Terror Blackness, Nihilism, and Emancipation
West III, James L.W. and Skemer, Don, C., The Great Gatsby An Edition of the Manuscript
Axelrod, Steven Gould and Natalie Gerber (Eds)., The Wallace Stevens Journal.  Wallace Stevens and Robert Frost: A Reconsideration
Barclay, Bill and Lindley, (Eds.), Shakespeare, Music and Performance

Belleto, Steven, The Cambridge Companion to The Beats

Brito, Leonora,. Dat's Love and Other Stories

Castiglia, Christopher, The Practices Of Hope - Literary Criticism In Disenchanted Times
Christou, Maria, Eating Otherwise: The Philosophy of Food in Twentieth-Century Literature

Cohen, Kris, Never Alone, Except For Now - Art, Networks, Populations

Cubitt, Sean,. Finite Media, Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies


Emmerich, K, Literary Translation and the Making of Originals


Farfan, Penny, Performing Queer Modernism
Finley, James S (ed)., Henry David Thoreau in Context
Freeman, Philip., Celtic Mythology: Tales of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes

Garber, Marjorie,. The Muses on their Lunch Hour

Gillespie, Katharine, Women Writing The English Republic, 1625-1681

Gross, Philip,. A Bright Acoustic

Griffiths, M,. The New Poetics of Climate Change

Halpern, Mark, Struggling For Our Language
Hatchuel, Sarah & Vienne-Guerrin, Nathalie (eds)., The Tempest and Late Romances. Shakespeare On Screen
Jarczok, Anita, Writing an Icon - Celebrity Culture and the Invention of Anais Nin
Malkowski, Jennifer, Dying in Full Detail: Mortality and Digital Documentary

Martin, Todd,. Katherine Mansfield and The Bloomsbury Group

Martel, James R., The Misinterpellated Subject

McEleney, Corey, Futile Pleasures and the Limits of Utility
Norris, Christopher, The Winnowing Fan - Verse-essays in Creative Criticism
Price, Brian, A Theory Of Regret
Sbriglia, Russell, ed., Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Literature but Were Afraid To Ask Zizek
Smith, Joshua, Byron, Walter Map and The Matter of Britain
Smith, Terry, One and Five Ideas

Tharby, Andy,. Making Every English Lesson Count

Thompson, Helen, Fictional Matter - Empiricism, Corpuscles, And The Novel

Tyler, Elizabeth M., England in Europe: English Royal Women and Literary Patronage, c.1000-c.1150


Van Hule, D,. Verhulst, P,. The Making of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot


West III, James L.W., Last Kiss: The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Weston, Kath, Animate Planet: Making Visceral Sense of Living in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World

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