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Submissions for The Use of English are invited on all aspects of English Language and Literature of interest to teachers: critical and creative writing, theory and classroom practice, reports on projects and approaches are all welcome.

Spring 2021: English Literature and the visual arts

We welcome contributions in any media on topics such as: dual coding and sketchnoting in the English classroom; visual aids such as posters, videos and photos; literary texts in relation to illustration, paintings, graphic novels; art and creative writing - calligrams, concrete poetry, calligraphy, writing in response to images; the study of books as objects, design, typography, the use of manuscripts, early prints and facsimiles.

In addition to these topics we will continue to publish a diverse range of voices on all aspects of the subject. Further ideas and suggestions welcome.

Articles on any topic of interest to secondary teachers of English Language and Literature are invited, from studies of favourite authors and subjects to accounts of classroom practice. We would welcome material on the following, intended to be suggestive, not constricting:


  • Teaching English in the digital age (the opportunities and challenges, use and misuse of technology)

    Language: issues in A Level Language, the interface of Lang and Lit; the place of grammar in English studies

    Concepts of the Canon and cultural capital

    Literature and the visual arts (including film)


  • Literature and the natural world
  • The value of pre-Shakespearean (medieval and early modern) texts in English teaching
  • Experiment, adventure and risk
  • Review articles on recent publications (please submit suggestion first to avoid duplication)


    Articles on other aspects of the subject will, as ever, be gratefully received. Reviews of related recent books are also welcome.

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