Use of English 69.1 Autumn 2017

Cover of the journal showing a vortex of booksEdited by Dr Thomas Day

Reviews Editor Dr Kathy Mair


Editorial: Thomas Day

'The Mother Tongue of the Human Race': Entrenched conceptions of poetry and their resonances in English education: Daniel Xerri

Short Measures: taking the long view of brief poems: Adrian Barlow

The Sonnet and the Student in the World: Josie Billington

Ever thought of teaching ... L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E writing and experiments: Iain Bailey

Creative Writing Workshops: Peter Carpenter

Workshop: Peter Carpenter

Creative Writing: Mapping the Subject: Oli Belas

English: England's Foreign Language: Peter Mullen

Thomas Hardy: Poetry as Memory: Roger Calvert

Song Lyrics as Literature: Bob Dylan as Nobel Laureate 2016: Peter Cash

For Suze Rotola 1943-2-11: ALBUM COVER: Peter Cash

Perceptions of and visions for Shakespeare in early 21st century Vietnamese schools: Sarah Olive


One Child Reading: My Auto-bibliography by Margaret Mackey, reviewed by Hugh Crago

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