Use of English 69.3 Summer 2018

Edited by Jane Campion


Editorial: Jane Campion

'Real English' versus 'Exam English' - the Case for Authentic Experience of the Subject: Barbara Bleiman

Beginning Paradise Lost: Martin Dodsworth

Mrs Dalloway and the Modernist Movement: Paul Dean

Interleaving and Spacing within English: Michael Guard and Luke Crawford

Creative Writing Workshops: A Main Course: Peter Carpenter

'Ozymandias' and Me: Julie Lynn

The Art of English: a Foray in Literary Criticism

Ever Thought of Teaching Series

The Jew of Malta: Bianca Pellet


The English Language: a Very Short Introduction, by Simon Horobin, reviewed by Clive Pickles

Diverse Shorts - Literature to Promote Critical Thinking, by Andrew McCallum and James Wright, reviewed by Gill Parker

Studying the Handmaid's Tale and Studying A Streetcar Named Desire, reviewed by Angela Rodrigues

Connell Guides to English Literature: The Merchant of Venice, by Michael Neill and The Poetry of Christina Rossetti, by Anna Barton, reviewed by Pamela Bickley

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