Use of English Summer 2016

UE67.3 Tower of books agains the skyThe Use of English 67.3

Edited by Thomas Day


What Do We Teach When We Teach English?: Robert Eaglestone

Unfettered Teaching: John Tomsett

Clare Butterworth: The Merits of Teaching Postcolonial Fiction for A Level Coursework

Katherine Mair: Virgin Territories: How Hagiographical Literatures Can be Used to Break the Boundary between Pre-Modern and Modern Identities

Ruth Ling: An 'Overflow of Pleasure': Reading the Diary of Virginia Woolf

Robin Purves: 'Howe Like You This': Speech and Fantasy in Thomas Wyatt's 'They fle from me'.

Peter Cash: William Wordsworth 'The Prelude' (185), Book 1, Lines 357-400: The Stolen Rowing-Boat

Thomas Day: Teaching Religious Poetry

Jonathan Edwards: 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night': Dylan Thomas and the Art of Dying


1606: The Year of Lear, by James Shapiro; Shakespeare's Binding Language, by John Kerrigan, reviewed by Juliet Gordon

Reading Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction, by Doug Lemov, reviewed by Carl P. Griffiths

The Art of Poetry: Volume 3 - Forward's Poems of the Decade, by Neil Bowen, Johanna Harrison and Michael Meally, reviewed by Stephen Galloway

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