As this is my last editorial for The Use of English I have been looking back at the issues I've had the privilege to put together over the last few years. The reading of articles and subsequently of texts that have inspired those articles has enriched my professional practice and my subject knowledge and has awakened or reawakened interests in writers and texts over the last four years.


'Crisis? What Crisis?': Educating Our Future English Teachers: English Association Secondary Education Committee

Virtual Reality: the Poem, the Telephone and the Telephone Poem: Lionel Warner

Rhetoric and the Commonplace in the Courtroom Defence Scene of Shakespeare's Othello: Daniel Derrin

Andrew Marvell: 'To His Coy Mistress': Michael Williams

Bridging the Gaps: How Collaboration with Art and Design Technology can Help Address Creative Writing Problems: Yvonne Williams

Great Expectations Realised or Disappointed?: Using Screen Adaptations in the Classroom: Natalie Fong

The Wordsworth Trust: 'Refreshing and Unique' a bit like the Lakeland Landscape

Introducing Wordsworth for Key Stage 3 and 4: The Wordsworth Trust


Memoirs of a Leavisite: The Decline and Fall of Cambridge English, by David Ellis, reviewed by John Constable

Desperately Seeking Shakespeare: William Shakespeare and Others: Collaborative Plays, edited by Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen with Jan Sewell and Will Sharpe, reviewed by Paul Dean

The Royal Shakespeare Company's Educational Resources, reviewed by Sian Kelley

Educating Ruby: What Our Children Really Need to Learn, by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas, reviewed by Tara Hanley

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