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Introduction to Poetry from the English Subject Centre

Poetry Class from the Poetry Society

The Poetry Library at the South Bank Centre

Poetry Train for primary school teachers from the Poetry Society

The Scottish Poetry Library

The Poetry School

Associations and Societies

The Poetry Network

The Poetry Society

The Poetry Trust

Tower Poetry

Christopher Tower Poetry Competition

Poetry on the Web

Eserver Poetry Collection Searchable archive of online texts

GPS: Global Poetry System from the South Bank Centre, a user-generated map of poetry

The Poetry Archive featuring poets reading their own work

Poetry.org a resource site for poetry and poets

Poetry Archives full text of thousands of poem

Poetry Daily for a new poem every day

Poets.org the Academy of American Poets

Poetry International a worldwide forum for poetry on the internet

Representative Poetry Onlne a web anthology of over 4000 poems in English and French by over 700 poets

Journals and Magazines

Magma Poetry

New Welsh Review

Other Poetry

Oxford Poetry

PN Review

Poetry Magazine the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world

Poetry Magazines - the South Bank Centre's full-text digital library of 20th and 21st century English poetry magazines

Poetry London

Poetry Review

Poetry Scotland

Poetry Wales


Stuff the e-newsletter of the Poetry Trust

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