Poetry Bookmarks

Collage of Parisian doorsThe following Bookmarks dealing with poetry are freely downloadable [or may be purchased from the Association at a cost of £1 each).





  Emily Dickinson (PDF, 253KB)

  Three Northern Irish Poets (PDF, 99KB)

  Some First World War Poets (PDF 99KB)

  The Poems of Thomas Hardy (PDF, 297KB)

  Philip Larkin (PDF, 104KB)

  Isaac Rosenberg and Keith Douglas (PDF, 188KB)

   Lyrics of A.E. Housman (PDF, 174KB)

  The Poetry of Charles Tomlinson (PDF, 112KB)

  W.H. Auden: Poems of the 1930s (PDF, 96KB)

  The Poetry of Edward Thomas (PDF, 112KB)

  The Lyrics of Laurie Lee (PDF, 97KB)

  The Poetry of John Clare (PDF 108KB)

   To and From Rome: John Donne, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Robert Lowell as Catholic Writers (PDF, 107KB)

  Birds, Beasts and Flowers: Poems of D.H. Lawrence (PDF, 111KB)

  W.B. Yeats (PDF, 101KB)

  Ted Hughes (PDF, 205KB)

  U.A. Fanthorpe (PDF, 105KB)

   Tony Harrison (PDF, 100KB)

   Ivor Gurney (PDF, 99KB)

   Robert Graves: the Love Poems (PDF, 97KB)

   Sylvia Plath (PDF, 108KB)

   The Poetry of R.S. Thomas (PDF, 106KB)

   Carol Ann Duffy (PDF, 188KB)

   Robert Frost (PDF, 259KB)

   Three Regional Poets: George Mackay Brown, Norman Nicholson and R.S. Thomas (PDF, 109KB)

   The Poetry of Basil Bunting (PDF, 115KB)

   Shelley and Revolution (PDF, 101KB)

   Edmund Blunden and the Georgian Dilemma (PDF, 102KB)

   Wilfred Owen (PDF, 272KB)

   Gerard Manley Hopkins (PDF, 274KB)

   Alfred Tennyson (PDF, 307KB)

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