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Issue 11 2018

Notes on Contributors


Barbara Cooke and Ben Parsons: Introduction

Yun Pei: Exile at Home — Anxiety and Aspiration in Wordsworth’s ‘Home at Grasmere’

Jeremy Diaper: Must England’s Beauty Perish?: The Literary Ruralism of the Criterion

Suzannah V. Evans: ‘Let’s take a walk’: Frank O’Hara the Flâneur

Richard Vytniorgu: Democracy in English Education: The Future of the English PhD

Tommi Kakko: A Note on the Nashe Problem

Issue 10 2015

Notes on Contributors


Emily Bowles and Emma Butcher: Introduction: (Re)Negotiating Victorian Biography: Subversion and Appropriation in Late Victorian and Twentieth-Century Life Writing

Janine Hatter: Childhood Disrupted: Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Unfinished Autobiography 'Before the Knowledge of Evil'

Matthew Crofts: Flashman and the Art of the Fictional Autobiography

Kathy Rees: Edmund Gosse's Father and Son: Renegotiating Biography Through Illustration

Anna Maria Barry: 'The Singer's Work is a Picture Painted on Air': Operatic Autobiographies of the Nineteenth Century

Jamie Spears: Reclaiming Passed Lives: The Autobiographical Accounts of Spiritualist Women

Ellen Ricketts: The Fractured Pageant: Queering Lesbian Lives in the Early Twentieth Century


Matthew A. Fike: UFOs, Sufficiency and Sceptical Materialism in a Critical Thinking Manual

Issue 9 2014

This issue reproduces papers given at the Time and Space in Contemporary Women's Writing Conference held at the University of Hull in 2011.

Notes on Contributors


Claire O'Callaghan and Alex Pryce: The Past, Present and Future of Time and Space in Contemporary Women's Writing: Introduction

Gwyneth Lewis: Preface - Making Time for Creativity in Criticism

Veronika Schuchter: 'You cannot imagine how much I long to have a house, a room, or two, a cave of my own': Rooms and Homes in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea, 'Outside the Machine' and 'Sleep It Off Lady'

James Bailey: Life and Death in the Tense Present: Time, Narrative and Doomed Deduction in Muriel Spark's The Driver's Seat

Arina Cristea: A Space of One's Own: Reading Michele Roberts' Urban Imaginary

Alex Pryce: Ambiguous Silences? Women in Anthologies of Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry

Emily Dickinson: 'Trash Always Rises': Regionalism and Violence in Dorothy Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina

Libe García Zarranz: 'The Whole City's Our Bawdy-House, My Lass': Affective Spaces and Disoriented Bodies in Dionne Brand and Emma Donoghue's Fictions

Emma Young: 'Annihilate but space and time, and make two lovers happy': National Homelands and Lesbian Relationships in Emma Donoghue's Landing

Claire O'Callaghan: Sarah Waters's Victorian Domestic Spaces; or, The Lesbians in the Attic

Issue 8 2013

Notes on Contributors


Peter Auger: Contemporary Analogues to Josuah Sylvester's 'Devine Weekes'

Allen Mendenhall: From Natural Law to Natural Inferiority: The Construction of Racist Jurisprudence in Early Virginia

Jennifer Cole: Does 'Imagism' Mean Anything? Ezra Pound and 'Des Imagistes'

Avishek Parui: 'Exploring Hands Encounter No Defence': The Episteme of Violence and Consumption in 'The Waste Land'

Nimmi Jayathurai: Dying Fathers, Emergent Mothers: Reading 'Wise Children' Through the Eyes of The Laughing Medusa

Yun-Hua Hsiao: From War to Peace: Maxine Hong Kingston's 'Tripmaster Monkey', 'The Fifth Book of Peace' and ' I Love a Broad Margin to My Life'

Michael J. Martin: Beyond Books of Wonder: The Hope Without Promise Narrative of 9/11

Eugenia Russell: The Use of Learning Styles Theory in the Humanities: Towards Instructor-Friendly Solutions?


Tony Venezia on Literature of the 1980s: After the Watershed by Joseph Brooker

Jeremy Diaper on Modernism by Michael Levenson


Issue 7 2012

Notes on Contributors



Alice Crossley: The Rising Generation: Male Adolescence in Victorian Literature and Culture

Ben Parsons: To Sir With Loathing: Student Revenge Fantasies in Middle English Lyrics

Gavan Lennon: A Man, And A Good Man: Youth and Misdirection in William Faulkner's The Reivers

Ulduz Mashaykh: Generation X and Happiness TM: From Cynical Losers to Materialistic Pricks?

Charles Nixon: David Foster Wallace's Adolescent Depression: Recursivity, Biography and Post-Modernism

Isobel Gutteridge: 'I Feel So Sorry for Celebrities: I Mean They Have to Worry About their Wrinkles!' (Lola, aged 10): Pre-Teenage Girls and Celebrity Culture

Alison Waller: Youth Paused: Epiphanies in the Seed-Time of Life


Rebecca Fisher on Murray McGillivray's A Gentle Introduction to Old English and Old English Reader

Natalie Jones on Joseph Black's Broadview Anthology of British Literature: The Medieval Period and British Literature: An Historical Overview

Martin Dubois on Jonathan Robert's Wordsworth. Blake. Religion.

Waka Ishikura on Sue Chaplin and Joel Faflak's Romanticism Handbook

Nazia Parveen on Ruth Robbins' Oscar Wilde

Tony Venezia on Ben Saunders' Do Gods Wear Capes?

Issue 6 2011


Eugenia Russell: Sources and Themes for the Study of the Cult of Saints in the Middle Ages: The Case of St Demetrius

Jamie McKinstry: 'Blait Mouit Blad.eanes With Bladder Cheikis': Dirty Politics and the Poetry of Wililam Dunbar

Carla Della Gatta: Constructing Shylock: Post-Theatre Talks as Secondary Performance

Ged Pope: Suburban Stuff and Realism

Jeanne-Marie Jackson: The Spaces Between and Beyond the Law: Sentimental Construct in Cry, the Beloved Country

Klara Szmanko: Alien and Haunting Whiteness in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

James Aubrey: 'For Me Alone Paul Rayment Was Born': Slow Man, Don Quixote and the Literature of Replenishment

Dennis Gouws: Uncovering Gendered Assumptions about the Traumatised Male Bog-Body: Seamus Heaney's 'Grauballe Man' and 'Punishment' in their Cultural Context

Stacy Denton: The Meaning of Local Hierarchies in Contemporary Rural US Fiction

Alan Ashton-Smith: The Invaded Home in Ian McEwan's Solar and Saturday

Review Essays

Rory Waterman on Recent Work in Twentieth Century Poetry

Alexandra Pryce on Recent Work in Women's Studies


Anna Gottschall on Cate Gunn and Catherine Innes-Parker, Texts and Traditions of Medieval Pastoral Care: Essays in Honour of Bella Millett

Sonia Suman on Christopher Brooks, Law, Politics and Society in Early Modern England

Martin Dubois on Magnus Ankarsjo, William Blake and Religion: A New Critical Review

Anthony Williams on John Williams, Wordsworth in Germany

Tommi Kakko on Gabriel Josipovisi, What Ever Happened to Modernism?


Issue 5 2010

This issue reproduces papers given at the Lost in Translation postgraduate conference held at the University of Leicester in 2009.


Anjina Chouhan: Redeeming Shakespeare's Sins: Measure for Measure and Wilson Barrett's The Sign of the Cross

Susan Smith: From 1970s Feminism to the Cult of Celebrity of the 1990s: The Television Adaptation of James Tiptree's The Girl Who Was Plugged In (1973)

Chloe Buckley: Neil Gaiman's 'New Mother' 1882-2002: How Coraline 'Translates' Victorian Fantasy

Danny O'Connor: 'The Horror of Creation': Ted Hughes's Re-Writing of Genesis in Crow

Simon Robinson: I'll Go On: Paul Auster's Dialogue with Samuel Beckett

David McGowan: 'And They Lived Happily Ever After???!': Adaptations of Literature in the Animated Feature Films - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Gulliver's Travels

Sally Dugan: Anarchy and Magic: Film Versions of the Scarlet Pimpernel Myth

Georgina Collins: The Translator as Mediator: Interpreting 'Non'Standard' French in Senegalese Women's Literature

John McKay: A Version of Scotland: Don Paterson and Tom Leonard's Translations

Dennis Duncan: Form and Anxiety in Translation: Two Case Studies

Katherine Heavey: How to Lose Friends and Influence People: John Dryden and the Art of Insulting Other People's Translations

Matt Hayler: Translating to Digital: What Changes When Nothing Changes?



Issue 4 2009


Chrysavgi Papagianni: History in White and Black: Euzhan Paley's A Dry White Season

Tony Venezia: Archive of the Future: Alan Moore's Watchmen as Historiographic Novel

Jessica Gildersleeve: Regarding Violence in Pat Barker's Double Vision

Diane Todd Bucci: Blood and Iron: Negotiating a Hybrid Identity in Anzie Yezierska's Bread Givers

Jane Mansfield: Nostalgia for Places: The Brontes and Elizabeth Gaskell

Christina Fawcett: Materiality and Omission: Swift's Narrator and The Tale of a Tub


Peiling Zhao: Pedagogy of Intersubjectivity: Constructing Subject-to-Subject Relationships Through the Critical Use of Emotion

Anna Faktorovich: Teaching Hypertext Archival Research

Ronald C. Thomas: A Thought-Piece: Thanks for the F

Review Essay

Hazel Mackenzie on recent studies of Dickens


Natalie Jones on Jill Bradley's 'You Shall Surely Not Die': The Concepts of Sin and Death as Expressed in the Manuscript Art of Northwestern Europe, c.800-1200

Jamie Whitehead on Robert James Allard's Romanticism, Medicine,and the Poet's Body

Jane Mansfield on Angelia Poon's Entering Englishness in the Victorian Period

Martin Dubois on Anna Barton's Tennyson's Name: Identity and Responsibility

Nathan Waddell on Stanley Fish's Save the World on Your Own Time


Issue 3 2008


Lief Bull: Drained Discourses of the Everyday in Richard Yates's Revolutionary Road

Abigail Dennis: Co-Opting the Crinoline: Neo-Victorian Feminism and the Politics of Appropriative Meaning

Waka Ishikura: 'This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison': Coleridge's Scientific View of Life in his Conversation with Thelwell

Kristin Moriah: In the Shadow of the Negro: Minstrelsy, Race and Performance in Herman Melville's Benito Cereno

Gavin Murray-Miller: In the Land of the Lotus Eaters: Colonial Travel and the Ambiguities of Colonial Representation in French Algeria, 1830-70

Natalie Pollard: Civil Voices: On Reading Geoffrey Hill Reading

Adam Pacton: Perusing the Parousia: A Formalist Reading of W.B. Yeats's The Second Coming


David Heckerl: Returning Home to Polyphony: Michael Oakeshott's Modal Pluralism and the Recovery of Liberal Education

Matthew A. Fike: Thinking Metaphysically: The Challenge to Fundamentalism n the Works of Robert A. Monroe

Siobhan Craft Brownson: Ethical Criticism in the Classroom

Michael J. Martin: Where is the Revolution?: Beat Literature and the Contemporary American Classroom

Review Essay

Paul Joyce on Recent Joyce Studies


Adelene Buckland on Recent Darwin Studies

Rhian Williams on Matthew Bevis's The Art of Eloquence

Elizabeth Ludlow on Dinah Roe's Christina Rossetti's Faithful Imagination

Christopher Marlow on Grant and Ravelhofer's English Historical Drama


Issue 2 2007


Rachel Buxton: Muldoon's Refrains

Charlotte Boyce: Reading Recipes: The Victorian Cookery Book and its Fictional Analogues

Tara Stubbs: New Readings of Marianne Moore's Spenser's Ireland (1941)

Eli Park Sorensen: Arcades of Foreignness: J.M. Coetzee's Foe

Sandro Jung: William Collins's Odes: Descritpion and the 'Silent Eye'

Alexander J. Marshall: '... a matter of limbs, members and organs': Saul Bellow's Swiftian Forays

Erik Grayson: 'On a large scale:': Don DeLillo's Cold War Carnival


W. Keith Duffy: Sound Arguments: Composing Words and Music

Matthew A. Fike: A Jungian Interpretation of an Urban Myth in Critical Thinking Class


Gregory Woods

Review Essays

Christopher Pittard: Tracing the Downward Path: Degeneration of the Victorian fin de siecle

Holly Furneaux: Boy Called Twist and the Social Conscience of Dickens Adaptation in the Twenty-First Century


Jennifer Jones on Michael Davis's George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Psychology

Beth Palmer on Kirstie Blair's Victorian Poetry and the Culture of the Heart


Issue 1 2006


Taek-Gwang Lee: Realism without Lukacs

Kate McLoughlin: Adynaton: A War Topos

Christopher Marlow: Friendship, Misogny and Anti-Theatrical Prejudice: The Difference of The Rivall Friends

Gregory A. Wilson: ‘His own portion of the earth’: The Rhetoric of Alienation and Separation in Naipaul’s A House for Mr Biswas

Thought Piece

Matthew A. Fike: The Role of the Unconscious in the Writing Process

Review Essays

Kathryn Crowther: Reading Time: Capturing the Moment in Victorian Periodicals, Prose and Poetry

Lawrence P. Morris: Saints in Society: Recent Approaches to Early English Hagiography


Cindy Childress on Peter Haidu’s The Subject Medieval/Modern: Text and Governance in the Middle Ages

Martin Delveaux on Angelique Richardson’s Love and Eugenics in the Late Nineteenth Century: Rational Reproduction and the New Woman

Amanda Mordavsky on Gary Lachman’s The Dedalus Book of the Occult:A Dark Muse

Christopher Pittard on Lawrence Frank’s Victorian Detective Fiction and the Nature of Evidence: The Scientific Investigations of Poe, Dickens and Doyle

Simon Stow on Susan Sontag’s Regarding the Pain of Others

Ting Man Tsao on Carlos Hiraldo’s Segregated Miscegenation: On the Treatment of Racial Hybridity in the U.S. and Latin American Literary Traditions


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