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  1. Types of English Curricula in Boys' Secondary Schools, Anon., 1907
  2. The Teaching of English in Secondary Schools, Anon., 1907
  3. A Short List of Books on English Literature from the Beginning to 1832, Anon., 1907
  4. Shelley's View of Poetry, A.C. Bradley, 1907
  5. English Literature in Secondary Schools, J.H. Fowler, 1908
  6. The Teaching of English in Girls' Secondary Schools, G. Clement, 1908
  7. The Teaching of Shakespeare in Schools, Anon., 1908
  8. Types of English Curricula in Girls' Secondary Schools, Anon., 1908
  9. Milton and Poetry, Oliver Elton, 1908
  10. Romance, W.P. Ker, March 1909
  11. What Still Remains to be Done for the Scottish Dialects, W. Grant, June 1909
  12. Summary of Examinations in English Affecting Schools, Anon., July 1909
  13. The Impersonal Aspect of Shakespeare's Art, Sidney Lee, July 1909
  14. Early Stages in the Teaching of English, Anon., 1910
  15. A Shakespeare Reference Library, Sidney Lee, June 1910
  16. The Bearing of English Studies upon the National Life, C.H. Herford, June 1910
  17. The Teaching of English Composition, J.H. Fowler, October 1910
  18. The Teaching of Literature in French and German Secondary Schools, Elizabeth Lee, June 1911
  19. John Bunyan, C.H. Firth, October 1911
  20. The Uses of Poetry, A.C. Bradley, February 1912
  21. English Literature in Schools, Revised Edition, Anon., 1948
  22. Some Characteristics of Scots Literature, J.C. Smtih, June 1912
  23. Short Bibliographies of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Anon., 1912
  24. A Discourse on Modern Sibyls - Presidential Address 1912, Lady Ritchie, February 1913
  25. The Future of English Poetry, Edmund Gosse, June 1913
  26. The Teaching of English at the Universities, Stanley Leathes, October 1913
  27. Poetry and Contemporary Speech, Lascelles Abercrombie, February 1914
  28. The Poet and the Artist: and what they can do for us, G.C. Moore Smith, June 1914
  29. Bibliographies of Swinburne, Morris and Rossetti, C.E. Vaughan, December 1914
  30. Wordsworth's Patriotic Poems and Their Significance To-Day, F.S. Boas, December 1914
  31. The Use of Comic Episodes in Tragedy, W.H. Hadow, February 1915
  32. On Concentration and Suggestion in Poetry, Sir Sidney Colvin, June 1915
  33. School Libraries, J.H. Fowler, November 1915
  34. Poetry and the Child, J. Dover Wilson, February 1916
  35. The Eighteenth Century, W.P. Ker, 1916
  36. Poetry in the Light of War, C.F.E. Spurgeon, January 1917
  37. English Examination Papers for Pupils of School Age in England and Wales, Anon., May 1917
  38. War and English Poetry - Presidential Address, Marquess of Crewe, September 1917
  39. The Reaction against Tennyson, A.C. Bradley, December 1917
  40. The Study of Poetry, Ernest de Sélincourt, March 1918
  41. The Perspective of Biography, Sir Sidney Lee, September 1918
  42. Some Remarks on Translation and Translators, J.S. Phillimore, January 1919
  43. The Teaching of English in Schools, Edith J. Morley, May 1919
  44. Sir Henry Wotton - With Some General Reflections on Style in English Poetry, H.H. Asquith, August 1919
  45. The Greek Strain in English Literature, John Burnet, February 1920
  46. A Reference Library: English Language and Literature, Anon., May 1920
  47. The Normality of Shakespeare Illustrated in his Treatment of Love and Marriage, C.H. Herford, September 1920
  48. Don Quixote: Some War-Time Reflections on its Character and Influence, Herbert J.C. Grierson, January 1921
  49. A Note on the Teaching of 'English Language and Literature, R.B. McKerrow, June 1921
  50. The Light Treading of Our Ancestors - Presidential Address, Lorne Ernle, November 1921
  51. Sir Thomas Malory, E.K. Chambers, January 1922
  52. De Quincy as Literary Critic, J.H. Fowler, July 1922
  53. The Teaching of English in the Universities of England, R.W. Chambers, July 1922
  54. The Continuity of Literature - Presidential Address, Edmund Gosse, November 1922
  55. Some Thoughts About Verse, T.S. Omond, January 1923
  56. The Problem of Grammar, Anon., July 1923
  57. Wordsworth's 'Prelude' - Presidential Address, Viscount Grey of Falloden, December 1923
  58. Some Notes on Sir Walter Scott, John Buchan, March 1924
  59. On Expression - Presidential Address, John Galsworthy, July 1924
  60. Fanny Burney, Edith J. Morley, April 1925
  61. A Shakespeare Reference Library, Sir Sidney Lee and Sir Edmund Gosse, July 1925
  62. Ruskin (and others) on Byron, R.W. Chambers, November 1925
  63. Tradition and Reaction in Modern Poetry, Laurence Binyon, April 1926
  64. On the Realisation of Poetry to Verse, Sir Philip Hartog, July 1926
  65. A Question of Taste, John Bailey, November 1926
  66. A Reference Library: English Language and Literature, 2nd Edition, Anon., April 1927
  67. Lord Macaulay: the Pre-Eminent Victorian, S.C. Roberts, August 1927
  68. The Northanger Novels: A Footnote to Jane Austen, Michael Sadleir, November 1927
  69. Presidential Address, October 28, 1927, Stanley Baldwin, March 1928
  70. The Idea of an English Association - Presidential Address, Sir Henry Newbolt, July 1928
  71. The Novels of Thomas Hardy, J.H. Fowler, December 1928
  72. Shakespeare, Politics and Politicians, H.B. Charlton, April 1929
  73. Colloquial Language of the Commonwealth and Restoration< Margaret Williamson, July 1929
  74. Modern Oratory - Presidential Address, October 1929
  75. The Grammarian and his Material, J.M. Wattie, March 1930
  76. Largeness in Literature - Presidential Address, J.W. Mackail, July 1930
  77. Some Thoughts on the Mayor of Casterbridge, W.H. Gardner, November 1930
  78. Christina Rossetti, Dorothy Margaret Stuart, February 1931
  79. The Novel and the Fairy Tale, John Buchan, July 1931
  80. Charles Whibley: A Memoir, T.S. Eliot, July 1931
  81. Wililam Cowper, Lord David Cecil, April 1932
  82. Milton: L'Allegro and Il Penseroso, E.M.W. Tillyard, July 1932
  83. Robert Bridges and 'The Testament of Beauty' - Presidential Address, Oliver Elton, November 1932
  84. William Shenstone and his Friends, Marjorie Williams, April 1933
  85. Romance in History - Presidential Address, Lord Rennell of Rodd, August 1933
  86. The Old English Newspaper, Mrs Herbert Richardson, December 1933
  87. The Claim of our Mother Tongue, Edward Lyttleton, March 1934
  88. Shakespeare and Tolstoy, G. Wilson Knight, April 1934
  89. Sir Walter Scott: Some Centenary Reflections, Dorothy Margaret Stuart, August 1934
  90. The Case of Christopher Smart - Presidential Address, Laurence Binyon, December 1934
  91. Hamlet the Man, Elmer Edgar Stoll, March 1935
  92. Parody, Mrs Herbert Richardson, August 1935
  93. Lytton Strachey, Guy Boas, November 1935


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