Number 8

Issues in English Number 8

Talking About Travel Writing, A Conversation Between Peter Hulme and Tim Youngs

In 2002 Peter Hulme and Tim Youngs jointly edited the Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing. Hulme has analysed early modern travel writing to the Americas in his Colonial Encounters: Europe and the Native Caribbean, 1492-1797 (1986) and more recent travel writing about the small indigenous community on the Caribbean island of Dominica in Remnants of Conquest: Visitors to the Caribs, 1877-1998 (2000). His current project concerns writing about Oriente, the eastern part of Cuba. Youngs is the author of Travellers in Africa: British Travelogues 1850-1900 (1994) and has edited several books on travel writing. He is the founding editor of the scholarly journal Studies in Travel Writing, of which Hulme is an associate editor. In 2006 Hulme and Youngs were contracted by Routledge/Taylor & Francis to edit ‘Routledge Research in Travel Writing’, a series of scholarly books on travel texts. In the dialogue that follows, Hulme and Youngs discuss some of the questions that continue to preoccupy them after more than twenty years of work on the subject.

ISBN 978 0 900232 328 2

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