Number 3

Write or Wrong? Creative Writing in the Academy. Three Essays by Maureen Freely, Robert Hampson and Linda Anderson, edited by Maureen Moran

Publication date: 2005

The essays in this volume explore some of the challenges that academics, departments and institutions face with the increase of creative writing courses in UK higher education. Currently, both literary criticism and creative practice are subjects embraced by the term 'English'. The connections and discontinuities between these fields can be uncomfortable as well as stimulating as Maureen Freely, Robert Hampson and Linda Anderson point out. Their essays offer different perspectives on the construction of Creative Writing as an academic discpline and on assumptions that often underpin its new siting in the academy.

Creative Writing is now an established programme in the UK higher education sector. But where it goes from here, we can get right or very seriously wrong. Making the most of the subject means attending to the distinctiveness of creative writing as an intellectual discipline in its own right. It means protecting it from imposed standards and structures of teaching and research appropriate to other - but different - work in the arts and humanities. It means valuing its contribution to sustaining and enhancing the literary culture of our society, whatever contributions it might make in a adjunct way to critical activities. Above all it means debate - not assumption - about its methods, principles and purposes. The English Association offers these essays as an incentive to continue productive discussion about a subject which energizes our general culture and, in particular, university students for years to come.

Maureen Moran, Introduction, p. 7.

ISBN 0 900232 21 8 30pp

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