Number 12

Academics in the Classroom: English Outreach, edited by Catherine Redford

Academics in the classroomThis collection of essays came out of ‘Academics in the Classroom’, a two-day intensive workshop that brought teachers of Key Stage 4 and 5 English Language and Literature together with early career researchers from universities across the UK. The workshop focussed on the topic of English outreach, considering how academics currently engage with schools and – crucially – discussing how we might work together and innovate in the future. Several collaborations have come out of this event, and our mailing list continues to put academics and teachers in touch with the aim of implementing future projects. Further details about the project – including information about joining our mailing list – are available on the website,

At a time when the number of students taking A-level English subjects is dropping by 6% a year, the future health of English in schools depends on the next generations of A-level students. In the first place we need to encourage these students to choose to read English at university; then, as they complete their degrees, we need to encourage them to go into teaching themselves, as subject specialists passionate about their subject. By ‘we’, I mean of course all of us as teachers and academics. [...] . The more teachers in the two sectors can learn from each other, and about each other, the more beneficial will be the dialogue between them.      Adrian Barlow


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