Issues in English

A series of occasional publications dealing with developments in the teaching of English and related matters.

  • NEW! Number 15
    Rainbows in our windows: Childhood in the time of corona
  • Number 14
    'In the midst of things': COVID-19 and English
  • Number 13
    The Empathy Effect: Teaching Literature about the World Wars and the Shoah
  • Number 12
    English in the Classroom: English Outreach
  • Number 11
    English after Brexit  - English Association Fellows Reflect on Brexit
  • Number 10
    Teaching Dickens in the Primary Classroom
  • Number 9
    Supporting English Studies? Reflections on the Changing Academic Library
  • Number 8
    Talking About Travel Writing
  • Number 7
    100 Years of English Teaching: the problems that can't be ignored
  • Number 6
    Assessing Research Assessment in English
  • Number 5
    Irish Studies and English Studies
  • Number 4
    Second Reading: a report debating the present state of English at AS and A level and identifying priorities for revising the English subject criteria
  • Number 3
    Write or Wrong? Creative Writing in the Academy
  • Number 2
    Vital Signs: English in Medieval Studies in 21st Century Higher Education
  • Number 1
    Doctor! Doctor! Doctoral Studies in English in 21st Century Britain

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